King Charles III: The pope gifted him a special relic for the coronation

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Read to find out what Pope Francis gifted King Charles III in commemoration of the upcoming coronation!

The coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching, and the Royal family is making preparations for the event. The ceremony is expected to be a grand affair, with many dignitaries from around the world expected to attend.

As the date inches near, Pope Francis gifted King Charles a very valuable and symbolic gift, which signifies the mutual respect and well-wishes extended by the pope for King Charles' continued reign as the monarch.

King Charles III: The pope gifted him a special relic for the coronation Vatican Pool - Corbis

Mutual respect

King Charles and Pope Francis have established a warm relationship over the years, built on shared values and interests. The two leaders have engaged in several conversations on a variety of topics, including interfaith dialogue and environmental sustainability.

In 2019, the King contributed a glowing article to the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, on the canonisation of British Cardinal St John Henry Newman, reflecting his deep spirituality and interest in theological matters.

Pope Francis, in turn, sent a telegram to the King following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, expressing his deep sadness and offering his heartfelt condolences. This gesture was a testament to the strong relationship between the two leaders and the mutual respect they have for each other.

King Charles III: The pope gifted him a special relic for the coronation Vatican Pool - Corbis

Traditional and contemporary spirituality

The King's spirituality is a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements, which he utilizes to connect with people of different faiths. He has been influenced by his mother's dedication to the established Church of England, but also possesses a seeker mentality.

The King's interest in other faiths, such as Islam, and his visits to Buddhist temples are examples of his open-mindedness towards indigenous wisdom. His friendship with former UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks also demonstrates his appreciation for other religions.

The King recognizes the importance of interfaith dialogue and cites Pope Francis as an example, but he is skeptical of secular approaches, believing that true dialogue must come from one's own spiritual experience.

The King's approach to spirituality reflects his curiosity and willingness to embrace new ideas, qualities that will serve him well as a leader. His inclusive attitude towards religion reveals his desire to promote peace and understanding across cultures.

King Charles III: The pope gifted him a special relic for the coronation Max Mumby/Indigo

A relic

King Charles III received a special gift from Pope Francis in the form of fragments of the True Cross, a significant religious relic that is believed to have come from the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

These fragments have been incorporated into a processional cross, which will be used during the King's coronation ceremony in London in May. The small cross that was fashioned from the fragments has been encased by a rose crystal gemstone, and this will be placed at the center of the King's cross. The Church of Wales has praised the gift, saying that it is a symbol of unity between different Christian denominations.

King Charles III: The pope gifted him a special relic for the coronation Helen H. Richardson

Pope Francis's gift is a demonstration of the strong bond between the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England. The use of the fragments in the processional cross serves as a symbol of the King's unwavering faith and his dedication to his religious duties.

The True Cross is considered to be an important religious relic by many Christians, and the fragments are held in high regard. The incorporation of the fragments into the coronation ceremony is sure to be a moving and deeply meaningful moment for those in attendance.

King Charles III: The pope gifted him a special relic for the coronation Samir Hussein

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