Prince Harry's strict dating rule he decided to ditch after meeting Meghan Markle

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The Duke of Sussex once had a very strict rule when it comes to dating and marriage, but that all changed after he met TV actress Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was once known to be strict with his dating rules, insisting that couples date for at least three years before getting married. However, all that changed when he met Meghan Markle, and he immediately knew that she was 'the one.'

Prince Harry's strict rule

In his memoir Spare, Harry wrote that he had convinced himself of the existence of strict guidelines regarding dating, particularly as a member of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry's strict dating rule he decided to ditch after meeting Meghan Markle Samir Hussein

According to his memoir, Spare, he always told himself that he would date a woman for at least three years before taking the plunge and getting married. This was a rule he never wavered from, even when he was dating some of the most beautiful women in the world.

However, all that changed after a trip to Africa with Meghan, at which point he came to realize that the Suits star was 'the one' for him. The Duke wrote:

'Meg seemed the shining exception to this rule. All rules. I knew her straightaway, and she knew me. The true me. Might seem rash, I thought, might seem illogical, but it’s true. For the first time, in fact, I felt myself to be living in truth.'

Inside Harry and Meghan's first date

According to the Daily Express, the couple's first date took place at Soho House's 76 Dean Street location.

Meghan revealed in a Netflix series that Harry was late and kept messaging her, apologizing and saying he was stuck in traffic. She waited at the bar for half an hour, worried that he was 'one of those guys with a big ego who makes girls wait around for them'.

Prince Harry's strict dating rule he decided to ditch after meeting Meghan Markle Karwai Tang

However, when Harry finally arrived, he was a 'hot, sweaty, red ball of mess'. Meghan revealed that she liked him instantly, and they hit it off right away.

The strict Membership of Soho House

According to OK!, Soho House is an exclusive members-only club founded by British restaurateur Nick Jones. The private club is intended for those in the creative industries and people with a creative soul. It has many bars, hotels, and restaurants in London and around the world. However, it is nearly impossible for anyone to visit the Soho House unless they have a membership or an invitation from a member.

Prince Harry's strict dating rule he decided to ditch after meeting Meghan Markle Max Mumby

A membership at Soho House costs around £1,000 a year, and £1,500 for the one that gives access to all the Houses, including venues in London and around the world, such as Soho House Barcelona or New York. Members, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are required to adhere to accepted standards of conduct and the House rules.

One of the strict rules here bans means both Meghan had to wear casual attire and Harry could not wear a suit or blazer. Similarly, mobile phones and taking pictures or videos is not allowed in the Soho House to 'protect the relaxed atmosphere'.

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