The new Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer sparks controversy

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Read to find out about the reactions to the bombastic trailer of Harry & Meghan.

The trailer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries titled Harry & Meghan was released and it has sparked a wildfire across the world. There were many speculations on what the contents of the series would be, but the Sussexes and Netflix had kept it under wraps until the release of the trailer.

The direction of the series is now clearly indicated through the trailer, which prompts one to wonder how the public reacted to it, and more importantly, how the Royal family reacted to the trailer.

The new Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer sparks controversy Patrick Van Katwijk

Hints of the subject

For months, there were speculations about what the subject matter of the docuseries would be, with Royal experts claiming that it would be directed at the Royal family, and the trailer essentially confirmed those beliefs.

The trailer begins with a question that's presumably posed to the couple on why they wanted to make the documentary, after which a sequence of candid photographs is showcased with emotionally charged background music.

As the pictures are transitioning and showcasing moments when the couple are seemingly distressed, an audio of Prince Harry is played where he states 'no one sees what's happening behind closed doors.'

The new Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer sparks controversy Samir Hussein

He further adds 'I had to do everything I could, to protect my family...' and from this statement, it can be understood that Prince Harry and Meghan intend to speak about their experience within the Royal family through this docuseries, which could subsequently have repercussions for the Sussexes.

Earlier it was reported on Mirror that there are chances for King Charles III to strip the titles of Prince Harry and Meghan if the contents of Harry's memoir Spare are too damaging for the Royal family, but the Netflix docuseries, which is set to release on December 8, could hasten that process. The couple have recently been asked to vacate their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage.

The new Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer sparks controversy Chris Jackson

Emotionally charged portrayal

As the images are transitioning and the background music reaches a peak, a particular photograph of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton is showcased. In the photo, which was taken on Commonwealth Day in 2020, the Princess is shown to have a 'stony face' and this indicates that there might be a discussion on the conflict between the Sussexes and the Cambridges, reports The Daily Mail.

Richard Eden of The Daily Mail noted that the friends of Prince William and Princess Kate have rebuked the trailer, stating that they were 'sickened' by how the Princess was portrayed. He added that the juxtaposition of the image of Meghan crying with how Princess Kate is showcased seems deliberate.

He further noted:

The timing of this trailer could hardly be worse. We've got William and Catherine going on their big American visit. They've got the ceremony for the Earthshot Prize on Friday. And the day before comes this curtain racer comes this trailer, which of course will attract huge interest and be watched around the world.
The new Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer sparks controversy Chris Jackson

Public response

Express reports that response from Royal fans on Twitter have been scathing, but there are voices of support as well. Many of the users are lamenting the portrayal of Princess Kate, and many have noted that the photo is deliberately showcased out of context for emotional effect.

According to Manchester Evening News, a number of Twitter users came to support the Sussexes stating that they're not the first celebrities to utilize this platform to speak about their lives, highlighting that they are entitled to tell their story.

The new Harry & Meghan Netflix trailer sparks controversy

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