5 of the worst Netflix shows of all time, some may surprise you

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Alongside its award-winning original movie titles and TV shows, Netflix also boasts an unenviable collection of head-scratchers that received negative opinions from both critics and avid audiences.

In the Golden Age of Television, Netflix is emerging as the leading streaming service provider, offering a wide array of movies and TV shows. Multiple series produced within the last decade, such as Stranger Things or Sex Education, have elevated Netflix to becoming a household application for the worldwide audience. However, aside from the original content that has forged Netflix's reputation as an industry-leading service, there exist many other disappointing flops that leave audiences wondering about their true meaning. Here are 5 of the worst Netflix original shows of all time.

1. Iron Fist

Number of seasons: 2

5 of the worst Netflix shows of all time, some may surprise you VCG

Cinematic releases from Marvel are usually much-anticipated movies and TV shows, which garner both box office success and critical acclaim, such as The Avengers, Black Panther, or Loki. However, the notion seems not to hold in the case of Netflix' two-season flop, Iron Fist. The series revolves around the character of Iron Fist, which is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, and the hero's journey to fight against crimes and corruption. Ironically, having the word 'iron' in its name means nothing as the series is criticized for its soggy, dull, and monotonous storyline, as reported by CulturedVultures. The protagonist, Iron Fist, has a terrible character development that lacks the element of heroism and charisma often seen in other superhero movies.

2. Ultra Man

Number of seasons: 2

If you grew up in an Asian country, your childhood was possible filled with superhero movies. Among them is Ultra Man, a fictional hero that was introduced in Japan for many years ago and took the children audience by storm. Given the potential of the hero, Netflix brought it back to modern day with their two-season series, Ultra Man, in order to amass a new generation of fans. According to Screenrant, contrary to what the producers could have expected, the live-action show failed to rekindle any childhood passion from the audiences due to its terrible CGI and lack of a captivating narrative.

3. Too Hot To Handle

Number of seasons: 3

5 of the worst Netflix shows of all time, some may surprise you Karwai Tang

Just another trashy, meaningless reality series that would waste your time. According to Decider, the show is a messy mashup of Temptation Island and Love Island, where contestants compete, either with the scorching setting or their temptation, to not have sex or sexual contact with the others. The chastity and humor element cannot redeem the show from its meaningless dialogues between what critics call stupid, shallow, petty, immature, and desperate horn dogs.

4. Haters Back Off

Number of seasons: 2

Released in 2016, the show features the life of Miranda Sings, a fictional YouTube star who is conceited and excessively ambitious of her 'status'. Despite its creative plot and promising premise, the show was inundated with with an extremely dark tone, many inexplicable moments, and multiple intentionally annoying characters. In the finest of words, Haters Back Off is just a disaster to the collection of highly-rated comedies that Netflix ever boasts.

5. Jinn

Number of seasons: 1

The idea of incorporating elements of gender equality, feminism, or racial diversity to seek Oscar has been a proliferating trend in the entertainment world. However, with Netflix's supernatural show Jinn, the opposite holds true. Netflix's first Arab-Original series was criticized for its run time (only 5 episodes), unresolved plot points, and cultural distortion. Screenrant writes that Jordan’s Ministry of the Interior’s cybercrimes unit even received requests to halt the show's broadcast given its false depiction of the Arabic culture.

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