Sarah Ferguson is responsible for taking care of some of the Queen's most beloved possessions

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The Duchess of York always had a special bond with her mother-in-law and was honorably entrusted with taking care of her beloved pets after the late Queen passed away.

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has long been associated with the British royal family. Apart from her own personal achievements and endeavors, she has also taken on the responsibility of caring for some of the Queen's most beloved possessions. Among these cherished items are the late Queen Elizabeth II's corgis, Sandy and Muick.

A lifelong love for animals

Queen Elizabeth II's love for animals, particularly dogs and corgis, is a well-known aspect of her life. Throughout her reign, she had a deep affinity for these loyal companions. Corgis, in particular, held a special place in her heart. According to The Evening Standard, over the course of her remarkable 96 years, the Queen owned more than 30 corgis, each becoming a beloved member of the royal family.

Sarah Ferguson is responsible for taking care of some of the Queen's most beloved possessions bettman

In 2012, the Queen made a poignant decision following the passing of her corgi named Monty. She chose not to acquire any more corgis out of concern for their well-being after her own eventual passing. The thought of leaving them behind was deeply felt by the Queen.

However, fate intervened when Prince Andrew gifted Muick to the Queen in early 2021, shortly before the passing of her beloved husband, Prince Philip. Later that year, on what would have been Prince Philip's 100th birthday, Sandy was also gifted to the Queen, further strengthening her bond with these canine companions.

A new lease of life for the corgis

Following the Queen's passing last autumn, the fate of her famous corgis corgis became the subject of concern for many royal fans.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter told The Independent that while the royal family are big dog lovers, none of them is 'particular of raising corgis', resulting in both Sandy and Muick facing an uncertain future. She said:

'The queen was definitely the lord and master and had a wonderful way with them. They were known to nip ankles of the royal family.'

Luckily, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson decided to take the corgis into their custody and raised them at their Royal Lodge.

Sarah Ferguson is responsible for taking care of some of the Queen's most beloved possessions Max Mumby

Recently, the Duchess of York offered a new update on adorable pups Sandy and Muick's wellbeing during an interview with French magazine Gala while promoting her latest book, A Most Intriguing Lady. She said that it's a big honor to be entrusted with raising the late Queen's beloved pets:

'I'm their favourite, but everyone always says it's because I give them bones in broth. I love everything about them and I'm the one who spoils them the most. It’s a big honour to have them with us'

Describing them as 'sweet, polite, and well-behaved', Ferguson finds immense joy in their presence. She said:

'The corgis are very sweet, very polite and well-behaved. I love them and they're happy. We take it in turns walking them, which is a bit confusing for the poor dogs. They never know who is going to be taking them out!'

A special routine made for 'national treasures'

According to Ferguson, who is also raising five Norfolk terriers in the Royal Lodge, Muick and Sandy have learned to get along well with her original canine clan. She said: 'They all balance out, the carpet moves as I move but I’ve got used to it now.'

The corgis hold a significant place in the hearts of the British people, making their care a matter of national importance. Ferguson recognizes the weight of this responsibility, admitting to the pressure of providing the dogs with a good life. She said:

'Because they are national treasures I am terrified when they go out running," shared the mother-of-two. They chase everything, straight into the trees and I'm going 'no, no, the nation loves you, stop, stop chasing squirrels.'

These delightful companions enjoy a truly extraordinary canine existence, being nourished with a luxurious diet consisting of premium ingredients such as fresh beef, corn-fed chicken, succulent lamb, and delectable rabbit. These delectable meals are meticulously prepared by the esteemed royal chefs under the guidance of Mrs. Fenncick, who oversaw the well-being of all the dogs at Sandringham.

In fact, the corgis have their own exclusive menu, carefully curated and updated monthly to ensure their culinary preferences are met with utmost delight, reports Hello!

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