Gary Lineker tops BBC list of highest-paid presenters, here's how much he earns

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Gary Lineker has maintained his position as the BBC’s highest paid presenter for the sixth year in a row while Zoe Ball ranks closely behind.

Gary Lineker, the renowned former footballer turned television presenter, has firmly established himself as a household name in both sports and broadcasting.

A look at Gary Lineker's earnings

Gary Lineker's impressive earnings have consistently placed him at the top of the BBC's highest-paid presenters list for the sixth consecutive year. According to The Mirror, with a salary of £1.35m in the last financial year, Gary Lineker was paid the same amount he received the previous year. Having anchored Match of the Day for several years, Lineker's in-depth analysis and engaging style have made him a trusted authority on football.

Gary Lineker tops BBC list of highest-paid presenters, here's how much he earns Chris Brunskill/Fantasy

With a decorated career in football, Lineker represented England at the international level and played for top clubs such as Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur. After retiring from professional football, Lineker seamlessly transitioned into the world of television, bringing his charisma and insightful analysis to the BBC's flagship football program, Match of the Day.

Notable figures on the list

Alongside Gary Lineker, the BBC's list of highest-paid presenters features a diverse array of talent, each contributing their unique skills to the network.

Zoe Ball, the host of BBC Radio 2's Breakfast Show, ranks second on the list with an annual salary of £980,000-£984,999.

Gary Lineker tops BBC list of highest-paid presenters, here's how much he earns Comic Relief

Another notable figure on the list is Alan Shearer, the legendary footballer-turned-pundit, whose salary ranges from £445,000 to £449,999. Shearer's deep understanding of the game and insightful analysis make him an indispensable part of Match of the Day's lineup.

Chris Mason, who took on the role of political editor in the previous year, experienced a significant increase in his salary compared to his earlier position as a political correspondent. In 2017, Mason had disclosed that his salary as a political correspondent amounted to £60,000. However, in his current role as political editor, his earnings have substantially risen to a range of £225,000-£229,999.

Laura Kuenssberg, who held the position of political editor before Chris Mason, was earning a salary between £260,000-£264,999 prior to her departure. Since transitioning to her new role as the host of Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, which requires her to appear on air only once a week instead of making nightly appearances on the news bulletins, her pay has experienced a further increase. She now earns a salary within the range of £305,000-£309,999.

Gary Lineker tops BBC list of highest-paid presenters, here's how much he earns David M. Benett

One noteworthy adjustment in this year's report is the pay rise received by Huw Edwards. The salary of the host of the BBC's News at Ten experienced a notable increase in the latest BBC salary list. Huw Edwards rose from sixth place to fourth, with a salary range of £435,000-£439,000. As per The Telegraph, his pay rise of £25,000 was attributed to his involvement in leading several news specials, including the coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

What is included in BBC's annual report?

The release of the BBC's annual report has provided insight into the salary adjustments and changes within the network's talent roster. Since 2017, the BBC has been obligated to disclose the salaries of employees earning over £150,000 annually from the license fee, as per The Guardian. This disclosure has sparked widespread attention, ignited debates about the gender pay gap, and resulted in the departure of some notable BBC stars. In the current year, the threshold for disclosure has been raised to £178,000, resulting in fewer presenters and executives having their salaries made public.

Under the previous system, the BBC would have revealed the salaries of 220 employees earning over £150,000, as many individuals received pay increases that pushed them to that level. However, in the current year, only 135 individuals were named in the disclosed list.

The list, however, does not include individuals who work for the BBC’s commercial arm, meaning actors/actresses on TV shows are not counted.

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