Is Brigitte Macron spending too much money ? The Elysée breaks the silence

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Is Brigitte Macron spending too much money ? The Elysée breaks the silence
Is Brigitte Macron spending too much money ? The Elysée breaks the silence © Eric Tschaen / Pool / Bestimage

Every time she goes out, every detail about Brigitte Macron's look is scrutinised. While the budget allocated to her outfits is often questioned, the chief of staff assured Le Figaro on Saturday, 1st May, that the First Lady is conscientious.

Brigitte Macron always makes a point of being very elegant and well-dressed. But to be always on top and at the forefront of fashion, you can't pay too much attention to budget. Moreover, since the beginning of her husband's mandate, she has been the target of many criticisms. Many people on the Internet think that she spends too much money on clothes, accessories and make-up. As reported by Le Figaro, based on information from the 2019 report of the Court of Auditors, the presidential couple's hair and cosmetics expenses amount to 62,400 euros per year. A significant sum, but one which should be seen in perspective, since it is half the amount spent by the former president, François Hollande.

Another item of expenditure is the beauty treatments that the head of state's wife likes to treat herself to. In order to maintain her luminous complexion and healthy glow, she does not hesitate to take care of her skin. But here again, it would appear that her spending is under control. This is at least according to what chief of staff, Pierre-Olivier Costa, says. Regarding the outfits worn by Emmanuel Macron's wife, he assured, among other things, that they were not provided by a dedicated stylist. “Mathieu Barthelat Colin contacts the fashion designers and from time to time returns the clothes that are lent to the First Lady, but his role ends there. And he is paid by Brigitte Macron herself”, he said.

Brigitte Macron does her hair herself most of the time

He went even further by saying that the current presidential couple had made savings on these expenses compared to their predecessors. “We also outsourced the hair and make-up service whereas under François Hollande there was always a hairdresser and make-up artist on the payroll of the Elysée Palace. This outsourcing has reduced the cost of these expenses by 70%. Especially since Brigitte Macron applies her own makeup and only uses a hairdresser for official engagements.” These statements should end some of the controversy surrounding Brigitte Macron.

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