Dominic Raab: What is the Deputy Prime Minister's net worth?

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Read to find out how much the new Deputy PM is worth, and how much he earns in a month.

Dominic Raab was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in 2021, and his primary role was to be the right-hand man to the PM, who at the time was Boris Johnson. Additionally, he attended press meetings and led the cabinet when Johnson is away from office.

Raab lost his role after Liz Truss became PM, but he has once again achieved the spot after Rishi Sunak took over the position of the PM. That being said, what do we know about Raab's net worth?

Dominic Raab: What is the Deputy Prime Minister's net worth? Bloomberg

From law to politics

Raab was born in 1974 to a Jewish refugee who escaped the Nazis in 1938. He grew up in Buckinghamshire, attended Dr. Challoner's Grammar School in Amersham, and subsequently attended Oxford University in pursuit of a law degree, and ended with a master's degree at Cambridge University, reports BBC.

He practiced law at the Foreign Office and in the commercial sector until making his entry into politics in 2006, serving as an aide to David Davis, a Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden, and Dominic Grieve, the MP for Beaconsfield.

Raab is known for making controversial statements, specifically in 2010 when he referred to feminists as 'obnoxious bigots' and that men were getting a 'raw deal,' a statement that then-Home Secretary Theresa May rebuked.

Dominic Raab: What is the Deputy Prime Minister's net worth? Bloomberg

It wasn't until 2015 when secured an active position in the government, becoming Junior Justice Minister after David Cameron won the general election. He was an active proponent of the Leave campaign in the 2016 European Union referendum, but Reuters reports that he left his position in protest of Theresa May's proposed deal to leave the EU.

Following Theresa May's exit, Raab entered the race to become Conservative leader and Prime Minister, but he was short 33 votes from MPs which ultimately paved the way for Boris Johnson to take the lead in terms of becoming the PM. That being said, Once Johnson became PM, Raab was given the position of Deputy Prime Minister, which made him second-in-command within the Johnson government.

However, during Liz Truss' time in office, Raab was let go but made his return after being appointed by Rishi Sunak. It is yet to be seen how he manages to utilize his position during a time period that's excessively tumultuous for the nation.

Dominic Raab: What is the Deputy Prime Minister's net worth? Bloomberg

What is his net worth?

Express published an article this year that went over the 10 richest Government ministers, but Raab wasn't one of the politicians mentioned in the list. Furthermore, Lad Bible reports that Raab had made a suggestion to the Committee on Standards that there must be limitations to excessive hours of work that interfere with a government worker's official responsibilities, and pay cuts must be implemented in context to how many hours have been put into government work.

According to TV Guide Time, Dominic Raab's net worth is estimated to be £1.3 million. Wage Indicator further reports that the MP earns £13,000 a month, which accumulates to £156,000 a year.

Dominic Raab: What is the Deputy Prime Minister's net worth? Bloomberg

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