This EastEnders star is making a long-awaited comeback

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From being presumed dead, to making an explosive comeback, this EastEnders character is all set to stir things up.

EastEnders is one of Britain’s top soap operas that has captured the hearts of its audiences ever since it began in 1985. The BBC One show is set in the fictional town of Walford, which is situated in the east end of London.

Over the years, the series has delved into controversial subjects that weren’t always portrayed in mainstream British media. And due to how experimental it was in terms of its content, it has received a ton of critical acclamation and flak, based on the topic in question. With twists and turns that keep its viewers glued to their screens, the show is always bringing back characters to shake things up. Recently, EastEnders ended on a cliffhanger, with last week hinting at a major confrontation en route. Here’s what happened.

The return of Cindy Beale

Cindy Beale is all set to come face to face and embrace her past life. After a 25-year hiatus from the BBC show, Cindy (who was presumed dead) shocked the audience a few months ago, letting fans know that she was very much alive.

The character played by Michelle Collins was seen swallowing fire upon learning that her son Peter (played by Thomas Law) had returned to their old home. Cindy, who is fresh out of witness protection, was seen worrying about her son Peter being in trouble. And was contemplating going back to London. But Ian discouraged her and placed her passport back in the drawer, as per Radio Times. And he also promised to get Peter back to France.

But, Ian soon discovered that Cindy was missing and was heading to London, in the fear of losing another child, who is Peter. But Cindy already got to London and was heading to Walford to face the music.

Cindy’s touchdown at Walford

In what is described as one of the biggest scenes of the year, Cindy is stirring up a storm in Walford. From a confrontation and exchange of words with her former mother-in-law Kathy Cotton. Cindy who went seeking Kathy, soon found her and needless to say, all hell broke loose, as drama ensued between the former family members. Viewers find out that Cindy had married George Knight before going into witness protection and had two daughters with him.

Cindy faces the heat

On one hand, she has to deal with the Beales, her original family, and the residents of the town who thought she was dead. And on the other hand, she has the Knights, her secret family. With her past left exposed for the residents to see, and her (lack of) equation with her secret daughters, Cindy Beale, or Rose Knight, whatever you want to call her, is left in turmoil as she maneuvers through her past, and her mistakes.

The crossfire that followed

Ian arrives at the scene to take Cindy away, but at that exact moment, viewers see George Knight in the scene. Ian’s arrival leaves the town shocked, on top of Cindy’s return. And now fans of the show are speculating a return by Cindy’s daughter Cindy Jr., who was last mentioned in 2021. As per The Mirror, the BBC show might take things to the next level and bring about Cindy Jr’s return. And according to The Mirror, Michelle Collins who played Cindy Jr, was asked about this speculation, to which she said teasingly:

“I don’t know. I can’t really tell you too much about her but I know she is alive. That’s about all I know. But possibly, who knows!"

With each episode the show is getting seemingly more explosive, and needless to say, a lot of drama and twists and turns can be anticipated in the coming weeks.

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