Do BBC's Naga Munchetty and Carol Kirkwood like each other? Here's what we know

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From being co-stars and presenters, to an alleged feud that is brewing, here's the relationship between Carol Kirkwood and Naga Munchetty.

Lately, BBC anchors and presenters have been in the spotlight, for all the right and wrong) reasons. From the Phillip Schofield case to the teen photo scandal, the BBC has not been working on their image.

Making headlines recently are BBC Breakfast stars, Carol Kirkwood and Naga Munchetty. The two accomplished women are co-hosts of the BBC Breakfast show, and amidst all their banter, fans can smell a hint of a brewing feud. Despite working together for many years, there are speculations about Carol’s and Naga’s underlying dislike for each other. Recently, the rumours of the feud were addressed by Kirkwood, and here’s where they stand.

Carol Kirkwood X Naga Munchetty

Presenting the weather forecast to British citizens for over 20 years, Carol Kirkwood has earned a name for herself as a presenter. Munchetty has also contributed immensely to the field of entertainment and media. Needless to say, both women have excelled in their areas. While being co-hosts in the famous BBC Breakfast show, fans are smelling a bit of hostility in the air. This is based on a recent jib that Naga took at Carol’s age, as of last year. Here’s what happened.

The dig at Carol Kirkwood

In what is described as a ‘cheeky spat’, Naga said the following words last year publicly while talking to Carol Kirkwood.

“Carol... I think we're never allowed to ask you about snow on Christmas Day. You always kind of have that really stern look whenever I ask."

Munchetty even turned to her co-host Charlie for some validation, saying ‘Doesn’t she?’

To this, the 60-year-old weather reporter said:

“Naga, I prefer it when you ask me about the snow on Christmas Day on Boxing Day, to be honest, but hey ho!"

Fans branding Munchetty as ‘cruel’

The previous example wasn’t the only time Naga Munchetty aimed some cheeky comment at Carol Kirkwood. Most recently, there was another shot that was fired at Kirkwood.

This incident took place earlier this month when Carol was evidently struggling with a sore throat. While her throat problem was obvious, Charlie (the other co-host), asked Carol if she had got a cup of tea. To this question, Carol replied by saying the following as per The Sun.

“Not yet Charlie but I think I need to go and get one, I'm sounding very scratchy, sorry about that."

To this, Charlie offered to give her some time off the air, so that she could grab a hot beverage. While this conversation was happening, Naga told Carol to get some lemon and honey for her voice, flashed one of what is known as her ‘cheeky smiles’, and said the following.

"Although Carol says thank you, she's so polite, we only suggested she go and got one, we didn't offer to get her one."

This led to Naga being branded as cold and cruel by several viewers on social media.

Carol Kirkwood addresses the ‘feud’

While the world is speculating about a big fallout and feud between the BBC stars, Carol Kirkwood begs to differ. As per The Express, Carol is often asked if she and Naga get along. And addressing this, she said the following:

“We absolutely do. I love Naga and we just have banter. I love the camaraderie between us and everyone. It’s a good, fun job.”

Carol Kirkwood is quick to dismiss all the negative comments regarding the relationship between her and Naga and always says that they are on very good terms. It looks like the rumours remain mere speculation, and everything is A-okay between the BBC Breakfast stars.

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