This is when Holly Willoughby will return to This Morning

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This Morning favorite presenter Holly Willoughby recently returned to the show after an extended summer break, during which she challenged herself with a new endeavor

This Morning's cherished presenter, Holly Willoughby, recently her anticipated comeback to the ITV program. After enjoying a well-deserved summer hiatus, she has finally graced the screens once again. Her absence from the limelight had followed the dramatic exit of Phillip Schofield.

Nevertheless, Holly's return took an unexpected turn for fans. The 42-year-old presenter reappeared in a teaser video, offering a glimpse of her cameo in a TV show, scheduled to air on Sunday

This is when Holly Willoughby will return to This Morning David M. Benett

A new venture for Holly

The presenter, who had been absent from the breakfast programme since July, surprised fans with a new segment that shed light on her recent involvement in the hit TV series Midsomer Murders. The unexpected appearance garnered excitement among fans who have been eagerly waiting to see her back on screen.

As per The Mirror, although Holly's return was initially slated for September 4, she's making a surprising early appearance on the show. However, this appearance is solely intended to promote her upcoming cameo on the renowned TV series, Midsomer Murders. While Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters took the reins of the latest episode, Holly took the opportunity to share behind-the-scenes insights into her role on Midsomer Murders. Describing this opportunity as a 'dream come true,' Holly shared an Instagram video giving fans a taste of her experience shooting the show. In a pre-recorded video, Holly shared a first look of her debut with a special behind-the-scenes glimpse on Friday's This Morning.

The post also hinted at the behind-the-scenes preview that was to follow on This Morning, along with the impending broadcast of the The Witches of Angels Rise episode on ITV.

Holly's surprise appearance stirred a wave of reactions from her dedicated fan base. Many responded to her post with enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting both her appearance on This Morning and her role in Midsomer Murders.

'Can't wait to see you in this. Looking forward to your return to This Morning,' replied one.

Another wrote: 'Brilliant stuff. Next stop Holly-wood'

A third gushed: 'I am anxiously waiting to see you on TV, congrats in all you do.'

Holly's summer break following the Schofield drama

According to The Evening Standard, during the past two months, Holly took a well-deserved break from This Morning to spend quality time with her husband, Dan Baldwin, and their three children. Documenting her summer adventures in the weekly Wylde Moon newsletter, Holly shared moments from her holiday in Portugal. Her time away has given her an opportunity to reflect on the recent turbulent months, during which her former co-star and best friend Phillip Schofield was axed from ITV. She wrote:

'It really has been a case of blink and you’ll miss it this summer – in every sense! I can feel myself clinging on with every fibre of my being as conversations about school start to drip feed back into our life. I even popped the obligatory September kit list on the fridge this morning having got the kids to try everything on to see what we need.'
This is when Holly Willoughby will return to This Morning Karwai Tang

In July, The Mirror reports surfaced indicating that Holly was poised to extend her This Morning contract, securing a larger salary than her current estimated £700,000 per annum from the network.

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