This Good Morning Britain presenter is expecting a baby as she reveals it 'wasn’t easy for us'

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GMB presenter Ellie Phillips is expecting her first baby with husband Rob Dee.

Good Morning Britain contributor Ellie Phillips, a familiar face on ITV's flagship show, recently shared the joyous news of her first pregnancy with her husband, Rob Dee. In an exclusive interview with Hello! magazine, the 36-year-old journalist revealed her journey to parenthood, overcoming fertility challenges, and the struggles of keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

GMB presenter expecting a baby Karwai Tang

A challenging period

This year has been marked by a baby boom among celebrities, with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife joyously welcoming their sixth child. Meanwhile, Joel Dommett, known for his appearances on I'm A Celebrity, celebrated the arrival of his first baby with partner Hannah Cooper. And now, TV presenter Ellie Phillips is the latest to join the list of expecting parents.

Ellie and Rob, who tied the knot in 2022, had been actively trying to conceive, facing the complexities of fertility issues. Ellie bravely shared:

'I have polycystic ovaries, so getting pregnant wasn't easy for us. We'd been trying for a long time and were about to embark on assisted ovulation. We even had the trigger injection chilling in our fridge ready for my next cycle. But by some miracle, we managed to conceive naturally.'

Opening up about the challenges of the first trimester, Ellie expressed her relief at being able to share the news. Navigating the 'three-month rule' proved difficult due to the intensity of her pregnancy symptoms. She acknowledged the physical and emotional toll, stating, 'The first trimester has definitely not been pretty. I have a newfound respect for every woman who has put their body through this. It is physically and emotionally overwhelming.'

Just last week, Ellie returned to her television duties after battling a severe bout of Covid. She expressed gratitude to the behind-the-scenes teams that supported her during this challenging time. On Instagram, she shared, 'After Covid completely wiped me out for almost two weeks, it feels so blummin' good to be well enough to make my return to TV!'

A bright journey ahead

Despite facing intense nausea, migraines, and a rapidly changing body, Ellie and Rob are eagerly anticipating parenthood. The couple, who reside in Tunbridge Wells, are planning for a summer baby and have opted not to find out the gender. Ellie shared, 'It'll be a lovely surprise when our little one finally arrives for us to look forward to. I actually find 'gender reveals' a bit bizarre.'

The couple also discussed the challenges of dealing with societal expectations and 'pregnancy snooping.' Ellie highlighted the intrusive nature of questions about their family planning, emphasizing the importance of understanding fertility struggles.

As Ellie and Rob prepare for the arrival of their baby in the summer of 2024, they are currently working on creating a nursery at their home in Kent. Despite Ellie's initial reservations about the early stages of parenting, both express excitement about building a strong and unbreakable family unit.

GMB presenter expecting a baby David M. Benett

Renowned for her contributions on shows such as Good Morning Britain, BBC World, and GB News, Ellie recently shared the joyous news of her first pregnancy with husband Rob Dee. With a distinguished career spanning various television and radio networks, Ellie's academic background in Music Industry Studies and International Communications reflects her multifaceted approach to media. Besides her insightful contributions on popular shows such as Good Morning Britain, BBC World, GB New, she has lent her voice to radio platforms such as Times Radio, LBC, and Heart.

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