Kate Ferdinand reveals when her baby is due and it is very soon

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Kate and Rio Ferdinand are about to welcome their first child together after tying the knot in a lavish wedding in Turkey back in 2019.

Kate Ferdinand, the former reality star and wife of renowned footballer Rio Ferdinand has made headlines with her incredible journey through pregnancy. As fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of their baby girl, Kate has recently dropped a bombshell revelation about her due date.

Kate Ferdinand reveals when her baby is due and it is very soon Neil Mockford

Welcome baby girl

According to OK!, Kate Ferdinand is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her daughter, who is due to be born in July.

During the Q&A session on Instagram, one fan asked her: 'How long before bubbas due? Exciting times,' as Kate replied: '8 weeks to go! & the belly is rapidly growing!', and shared a mirror selfie showcasing her blossoming baby bump while wearing a black crop top.

Amidst the preparations for her baby girl's arrival, Kate Ferdinand also offered a glimpse into the clothing she has bought for her little one. She revealed her preference for 'neutrals and dusty pink vibes,' steering away from excessive pink tones. Additionally, Kate gave an update on her fitness routine during pregnancy, acknowledging that she has slowed down her 'struggling with exhaustion'.

As the due date draws closer, Kate Ferdinand shared her thoughts on potential baby names. She mentioned considering a unisex name for her son Cree before his birth and indicated that it might also be a contender for her daughter. She told The Sun:

'We had another name for Cree - a unisex one - and we think that might be the baby's name. We haven't told anyone, because we don't want people's opinions. But you have to see when they come. What's she going to look like? Is she going to suit it?'

Kate's view on being a stepmum

Legendary ex-England and Manchester United football star Rio Ferdinand has a beautiful family that holds a story of love and loss. According to The Mirror, prior to his relationship with Kate, Rio was married to Rebecca Ellison, his first wife. Tragically, Rebecca lost her battle with breast cancer at the tender age of 34 in 2015, leaving behind a grieving husband and three children: Lorenz, Tate, and Tia, aged 16, 14, and 12 respectively.

Kate Ferdinand reveals when her baby is due and it is very soon Karwai Tang

Kate Ferdinand's journey as a step-parent to Rio's three children has been an important part of her life. In an interview with the Scummy Mummy's podcast, Kate Ferdinand disclosed that she and Rio refrained from engaging in public displays of affection, such as kissing, in front of their children for a remarkable six-year period.

As a result, Kate explained that she and Rio didn't experience the typical honeymoon phase that newlyweds often enjoy. Instead, they opted for brief 'half-hour pub dates' before returning home to partake in enjoyable activities with the children

Speaking on the podcast, she said:

'So the romance was pretty dead because there's three kids, they've lost their mum, you're thinking about so much, you just want to get it right.'

She added:

'I don't feel like I was there constantly, and when I was I was fun. And absolutely no kissing. We said this the other day - I said "we don't really kiss in front of the kids that much.'

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