This I'm A Celeb star was battling an illness that was 'kept off-camera'

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A peek into the BTS of I'm a Celeb reveals some shocking health conditions the contestants were undergoing.

I’m a Celeb is one of those shows that tests the determination, endurance, and spirit of a contestant, pushing all limits. This is with regard to physical, mental, physiological, and psychological thresholds while maneuvering through the wild outdoors. With its new season that just ended, a lot of inside stories from I’m a Celeb making their rounds on the internet.

The show which is centered around celebrities roughing it out in the jungle, has seen its share of ups and downs this season, including illnesses that did and didn’t get recorded on camera. Here’s what happened.

The price to pay

I’m a Celeb has changed the lives and net worth of various celebrities such as Liz Ellis. And while battling it out and sticking around till the end is vital to transform one's life, sometimes there’s a huge price to pay. And this season, a contestant paid a huge price to stay on, on the show. And she paid dearly, with her health.

Former EastEnders star Danielle Harold really suffered during the course of the show, due to an unforeseen illness that caught her off guard during the initial episodes of I’m a Celeb. Being the 5th star to be voted out, Danielle, who is known for her role as Lola Pearce experienced a massive health scare while on the show. Here’s what it was.

The health scare

I’m a Celeb winner Sam Thompson wasn’t the only one fighting an illness while filming this season of the reality show. Danielle Harold was facing her own share of medical problems, which the viewers weren’t aware of.

As per a conversation between a source close to Danielle and The Sun, this is what Danielle said about her time in the jungle to the source.

“I felt wiped out, so rough and unwell, but I was determined to stay in there. I hadn’t gone all that way for it to end like that.”

Despite watching her co-stars Grace Dent and American actress Jamie Lynn Spears leave the show due to medical complications, Danielle was adamant about not following suit, and leaving the show. This is not the first time that a contestant has pulled out of the show due to a health issue.

In fact, her friends and family got to know about her health hurdles only after her stint with the show. Here’s what happened to the EastEnders star.

The infection

As per Entertainment Daily, a source said the following about what exactly happened to Danielle.

“Danielle fell ill at the start of the show and developed a really nasty infection which made her very unwell.”
“It was all kept off-camera and she just kept powering through. Danielle was seen by the camp doctor several times. They were very concerned but rather than throw in the towel she wanted to stay the course.”

Danielle who was very sick, struggled through the episodes, particularly in the first week of the series.

Danielle’s silence

Danielle chose to remain mum about her illness, and power through the series as she did not want to let anyone down. She allegedly focused on eating well and trying to somehow get better. The source even called Danielle a ‘trooper’.

Despite not sharing her health hurdles publicly, Danielle was apparently given the utmost medical attention and was closely monitored by medics. With multiple visits to the medical team on a daily basis, the infection was allegedly ‘kept under control’. It is also said that the star lost a stone in weight during her short stint in the jungle, which is the huge price she had to pay, to stay on in the reality series.

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