Gordon Ramsay: How many children does the famous chef have?

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The celebrity chef and his wife Tana share five adorable children, each of whom has an impressive background and career.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous personalities in the culinary world. He has three Michelin stars which is the highest honor that can be given to a chef, and a chain of Five-star restaurants he has trained many rising chefs who have gone on to open their own restaurants and work in other restaurant kitchens as head chefs.

Throughout the years, Gordon is well-known for his iconic swearings on several TV shows like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. However, when it’s come to kids, the famously feisty chef turned absolutely wholesome as we had seen in his show, Masterchef Junior. This might explains the loving attitude of Gordon Ramsey in his family environment.

Gordon Ramsay: How many children does the famous chef have? FOX

According to Prima, the TV legend and his wife Tana married in 1996 and they have been together for 24 years. They share five children together: Megan, 23, Matilda, 20 (who's known as Tilly), twins Jack and Holly, 22, and two-year-old Oscar James.

Megan Ramsay

The oldest daughter, Megan Jane Ramsay, has received the most media attention thus far. She was born in May 1998 and attended the independent co-educational Ibstock Place School in London, where she earned her IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Then, before studying at Oxford Brooke, Megan enrolled at Bradfield College to study business, photography, and English literature, reports Parade.

She earned a psychology degree from Oxford in June 2019 and frequently traveled back and forth between England and Los Angeles. Megan has toured the globe with her father, stopping at famous locations to prepare his specialties.

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Jack Ramsay

The eldest son of Gordan Ramsay - Jack - was known to follow a whole different pathway from his parent. Instead of pursuing a profession as a chef, Jack Scott Ramsay has enlisted in the Royal Marines. Proud father Gordon has turned to social media to congratulate his son on joining the Marines.

He shared on Instagram:

‘Can’t tell you enough how proud I am of this young man Jack Ramsay you’ve made me feel like the proudest father today congrats on joining @royalmarines what amazing achievement.’

Holly Anna

According to Parade, Holly Anna, Jack's other identical twin sister, is pursuing a degree in fashion design with the goal of having her work displayed on the runway. Her profile says she is ‘using her platform to inspire others to create unique and relatable content while traveling between London and LA.’

According to The Sun, Holly has regularly accompanied her famous chef father at events like the BAFTAS and GQ Awards.

Matilda Elizabeth

Matilda Elizabeth, also called by the name of Tilly, is best known for hosting the BBC cookery program Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch on CBBC with her family. This Morning, Blue Peter, Master Chef Junior Friday Night Jazz, and The Late Late Show with James Corden are just a few of the shows she has been on.

As a TV personality, Matilda is well-known for both her abilities and her amusing social interactions with her fathers, demonstrating that superstars in the food industry can be just as entertaining as professional Tiktokers. According to Prima, Gordon and Tilly co-starred on MasterChef Junior and Hell's Kitchen from 2010 until 2015, and after that, Tilly made the decision to follow in her renowned father's footsteps. Tilly participated in Strictly in 2021, and the show's tour began in 2022.

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Oscar James

On April 4, 2019, Oscar James was a blessing to the Ramsay gang after Tana sadly experienced a miscarriage during her previous pregnancy. At age 3, Oscar already has his own Instagram account, but he is very well-loved by the family and frequently appears on his siblings' social media profiles.

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