Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana are reportedly in a disagreement about their family

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Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana has a major disagreement, and it has something to do with their kids. Here's what it is.

Gordon Ramsay enjoys a great family life, along with his wife Tana, whom he has been married to since 1996. The family of 7, including Ramsay and Tana, often post about their married life and children on Instagram.

But, news has it that the celebrity chef and his beloved wife are at a crossroads, and have a major disagreement on a very personal matter. Here’s what is happening in the lives of Gordon and Tana, and this disagreement that is looming in the air.

The major disagreement

While it is very normal for a husband and wife to not look eye to eye on certain things, dealing with major disputes and disagreements is a must for a healthy marriage. The couple is currently faced with a major conflict of interest, and it has to do with children. Yes, you read that right.

Despite having 5 children of their own, Tana seems to want to have more children. But, Gordon seems to be putting his foot down when it comes to having more children. The Hell’s Kitchen star seems perfectly content with having 5 kids - twins Holly and Jack, 23, Megan, 24, Tilly, 21, and Oscar, 4. He revealed that Tana wanted another child, but he is still contemplating. This is what is being discussed in the Ramsay household.

Gordon’s take on another child

Gordon Ramsay seems like he may not want to have another child. He describes it as being like having ‘two mini buses’ of kids. He said the following, according to The Mirror.

“I’ve got a little secret… Tana wants another one.”

Gordon Ramsay also feels like he might be a tad bit old to have another kid, given that he is 56 years of age presently. He said.

“It’s like going to school, going out for dinner in two buses. And secondly, I’m going to be the oldest f***er at school. ‘Who’s your grandad?’ And what about sports day? The egg and spoon race. What am I going to do? So, I’d love another one, but no.”

But, new kid or not. The Ramsay family feels wholesome, with Gordon and Tana being role models for being good parents. They often share little snippers of their family life. Here’s what their life as a family looks like.

Gordon Ramsay’s family life

Gordon is often seen having fun with the kids, just like any average dad. He clearly leaves his Kitchen Nightmare personality behind when he’s at home, which is a major relief for anyone wondering what his parenting would be like, based on his mood in the kitchen.

Gordon, who is known to complain about bad food, has finally met his match with his little one Oscar. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as Gordan has revealed that Oscar complains about the food at school. Gordon said the following in the Dish podcast about his parenting skills, which are getting better with time and experience, given that he has 5 children.

“Everything you did wrong first time round, you do so much better. He’s growing up at such a rate of knots. He’s like a little adult at four because he’s got four big siblings that he answers to.”

Tana’s take on children

Gordon may have ruled out having more kids, but Tana has always been vocal about wanting more. As per Hello Magazine, she said.

"Do you know, the problem is that I so love babies, but I think I'll still be saying that when I'm in my 70s!"
"I don't think there's ever a time when I'll go, 'Oh my god never, ever, ever again but let's just say I count my blessings and think I'm incredibly lucky. I'm just enjoying every single moment of this one."

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