Gordon Ramsay accidentally hints he's expecting sixth baby with wife Tana

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The famous TV chef has revealed he would like to have another baby with his wife Tana Ramsay, just three years after welcoming their son.

Gordon Ramsay is probably the world's most famous TV chef. Over the years, the audience has been familiar with his quick-tempered and cranky characteristics on shows such as Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay accidentally hints he's expecting sixth baby with wife Tana FOX

Behind the cameras, however, the chef is a man of his family. Gordon and his wife Tana have been happily married since 1996 and together share five children: Megan, 24, 23-year-old twins Jack and Holly, 21-year-old Tilly, who famously starred in Strictly 2021, and little Oscar, three. Enough to lead to one or two disagreements about the children.

Will there be another little Ramsay?

Joining Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Tuesday morning with fellow chef Paul Ainsworth to chat all about their brand new ITV show Next Level Chef, Gordon Ramsay revealed that he may have another baby.

Somewhere in the conversation, the topic turned to children when Gordon admitted Tana is keen to welcome another baby to their brood of four. The chef said:

'Last time I looked there were five, there could be one more on the way.'

He joked: 'Tanya’s jeans aren’t fitting her, she would love one more baby and I’m like no, no, no.'

Gordon Ramsay accidentally hints he's expecting sixth baby with wife Tana David M. Benett

Opening up about his youngest son Oscar, who was born in 2020, the MasterChef star said that he's too old to be a dad again:

'It’s already hard enough when I take Oscar to school and they say ‘what’s your grandad’s name?’ Or sports day when I stand there with a stick and an egg and spoon and just think ‘holy fiddle.'

Amanda cheekily added: 'I hope she’s up the duff again that would be brilliant.'

According to Hello!, this isn't the first time the TV chef has discussed the idea of having another baby. In an interview with the Dailymail in 2021, the father of four joked:

'She's not pregnant, but we are contemplating. We discussed having another baby. I said it was a great idea.'

The chef then said he's already enjoying spending time with baby Oscar, but didn't rule out the possibility of expanding the family:

'But it's something we'd still consider, because it's been such a joy spending time with Oscar. Just watching his first walks on the beach at Daymer Bay. Watching his first little mouthfuls of food. It has kept us super-active and made us better parents.'

Behind Gordon Ramsay's brutal parenting rules

The chef also said that in order to prevent his kids from being spoilt and teach them to fend for themselves, he applies many strict rules in the house.

Despite his celebrity status and huge net worth, it is surprising that Gordon's kids are only given a humble $50 pocket money every week. They have to work on their own and put the money aside to buy clothes, smartphones, or even snacks at schools.

Gordon Ramsay accidentally hints he's expecting sixth baby with wife Tana David M. Benett

Elsewhere in the talk, Gordon Ramsay also reflected on his own humble childhood and his relationship with his own father. He explained:

'I had a very humble upbringing—loved by my mother and, I think, loved by my father, but I was desperate to get out the sh**hole I was in.'

Gordon continued:

'I didn't want to turn out like my dad. I didn't want to live in a council house and put my kids to school with second-hand clothes. You strive to better yourself.'

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