Inside Jill Scott's modest Manchester home as she wins I'm A Celeb

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The former England international is now a national sensation after becoming the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2022. Read on to find out where the star is living.

According to Hello!, I'm A Celeb 2022 victor Jill Scott resides in Manchester with Shelly Unitt, with whom she co-owns the coffee shop Boxx2Boxx.

When the 35-year-old Lioness star was named Queen of the Jungle on Sunday, the happy pair was overjoyed to be together.

Jill Scott's special plan for her partner

Soon, Jill and Shelly will return to their Northenden home. Jill Scott, the Queen of the Jungle, expressed her excitement for her impending nuptials and acknowledged that being separated from her longtime partner due to filming for I'm A Celeb has been ‘difficult’.

The 35-year-old ex-Lioness acknowledges that without her steadfast support, survival in the Australian camp would not have been possible, according to Wales Online.

After England’s Euro 2022 triumph and I’m A Celeb title, Scott says her ‘next plan is marriage’ and after the couple’s 2020 engagement, it’s time to ‘put some planning in’.

Inside Jill Scott's modest Manchester home as she wins I'm A Celeb Lynne Cameron - The FA

Where is the couple living?

On Instagram, the former England midfielder has already posted pictures of the residence.

The couple's choice of white and grey colours for the whole house echoes in the living room's two huge couches and thick carpet. The apartment also has a contemporary kitchen with white cabinets, grey countertops, a breakfast bar, and chic lighting, reports OK.

The bedroom of Jill and Shelly deviates a little from the color scheme with pink accents on the walls and comfortable furnishings.

Before, they had a lovely blue and silver Christmas tree decorated with enormous snowflakes and a gold star. It could be time to put up the Christmas decorations once more when they return to their Manchester home from Australia.

Jill has had tremendous growth in fame in 2022, inspiring the country with her England team's victory in the summer European Championships and winning even more admirers with her I'm A Celebrity debut. Following her successful year, she is now anticipated to land several lucrative contracts.

The sports star's life is now expected to alter drastically as Scott appears to earn a ton of rich offers as the winner of one of the most popular shows in the UK.

A source claimed:

‘Jill is being loved by the audience, as we hoped she would be. People are seeing the funny and courageous person that fans of women’s football already know and love’.
Inside Jill Scott's modest Manchester home as she wins I'm A Celeb  JMEnternational

They said that following her victory, many people have given Scott lucrative deals:

‘Her team has been bombarded with offers. She also has her coffee shop in Manchester and likes to work there, but she’ll struggle to fit in shifts with the amount of work on offer elsewhere’.

Scott appeared on Good Morning Britain today via video chat for the first time since winning the competition. The football player had gorgeous makeup and incredibly shiny hair when she suddenly appeared on the show.

On Twitter, fans gushed about her glam appearance as they couldn't get enough of it.

‘OMG Jill looks incredible! She's so pretty. Love her and so happy she's won’, one viewer commented.

While another tweeted:

‘Wow Jill Scott looks amazing! It's mad when you see someone looking a certain way for so long and then they wear makeup hahahah. Gorgeous woman inside and out.’

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