Inside Nigella Lawson's lavish £5 million home in London

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Nigella Lawson and her two children are leading a peaceful life in a stunning £5 million home.

Nigella Lawson is one of the most well-known culinary writers and celebrity chefs in the world. With a successful foodies career in the UK, Nigella has sold millions of booklets and hosted a number of popular culinary series over the last 18 years. Having such a glamorous reputation of being a famous chef and author, people are curious about her residence. Where does she live now?

Inside Nigella Lawson's lavish £5 million home in London

According to OK! Magazine, Nigella resides in a £5 million mansion in Chelsea, London with her two children Cosima and Bruna. The TV chef’s house is a luxurious mansion that is stylish, cozy, and has space for guests to enjoy her delectable food all the time. Fans won't be let down after taking even a quick glimpse inside the renowned chef's £5 million Chelsea, London home.

Chelsea has long been a center for the arts in London and is widely recognized for holding several prominent museums, galleries, and theaters. The neighborhood has everything to suit even the stiffest person.

Even though Chelsea is in the heart of bustling London, there are many places to unwind there. Visit the Chelsea Physic Garden, the oldest botanical garden in the area, for a stroll with the family. It was established in 1973 and is currently among the most significant botany institutions in the world.

So, without further ado, let's take a tour around Nigella Lawson's stunning property in Chelsea.

The garden

Nigella's garden is one of her home's most magical areas, as is evident from a glance at her Instagram photos. A paved terrace with flowers and potted plants is accessible through white patio doors. Then there are a few stairs leading up to a heart-shaped metal table and seats in a pretty pink color.

With a dinner table in the center and red chairs with heart-shaped backs, she has set up a pagoda with string fairy lights around the frontal trees and on the ceiling.

Inside Nigella Lawson's lavish £5 million home in London David M. Benett

According to the Express, he garden is meant to create intimacy for people to enjoy good food and have nice conversations.

The Conservatory

With high ceilings and vast space, the celebrity's Chelsea house has a conservatory that allows in loads of natural light. It is not surprising that the 62-year-old has a private library in her house given that she has been an author her entire life.

In 2016, Nigella provided a rare look into the living room of her house. A bookcase spans the height of one wall, and it is furnished with a brown leather armchair and a matching button-back footstool. The area is open-concept and includes a conservatory with vaulted ceilings and a dining set made of aluminum and stainless steel.

The kitchen

Not the studio set where she films, but the chef's actual kitchen, which is quite well supplied. There are copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, and several utensils, reports the Express.

The brunette's beauty also embraces color, as seen by the pink and green paint on her cabinets. Nigella also owns this stunning AGA in turquoise, which is impressive.

Inside Nigella Lawson's lavish £5 million home in London David M. Benett

Another photo posted by Nigella showed a wide island with an induction cooktop in the center of the space, a double-door refrigerator on one side, and a fuchsia pink sink unit. A modest dining table and two Perspex chairs are also present.

The Express writes that Nigella moved into the Chelsea property in 2013 after splitting from her husband Charles Saatchi. The house is also believed to have a cinema and a wine cellar.

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