Pippa Middleton once lived in a £17 million home in London

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While not as popular as their royal relatives, Pippa Middleton and James Matthews may surprise you with their huge net worth and an impressive portfolio of multi-million properties.

Pippa Middleton, famously known as the sister of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, has experienced a remarkable shift in her living situation. From a lavish London mansion to embracing the tranquility of the countryside, Pippa's housing journey has been noteworthy.

A glimpse inside Pippa's £17 million mansion

Initially, Pippa and her husband, James Matthews, resided in an opulent six-bedroom house in Chelsea, London. According to The Express, magnificent residence spanned five floors and was valued at a staggering £17 million. Despite their ties to the royal family, the couple, who have three children, have maintained a largely private existence.

Pippa Middleton once lived in a £17 million home in London Samir Hussein

Their London home boasted an impressive array of amenities, including a personal gym, a room for staff, and even an underground cinema. However, their life took a turn when they embarked on substantial renovations, investing approximately £1.2 million in improvements.

The renovations included creating separate male and female dressing rooms, linked to the main bedroom, and the addition of a nursery. The house was also equipped with air conditioning for comfort during the summer months. These enhancements led them to temporarily vacate the property, only returning in 2018.

Neighborhood with the Wales

However, in 2022, Pippa and her family made a significant move to a £15 million home in the picturesque countryside of Berkshire, not far from the residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Their new abode boasts a walled garden and several greenhouses, encapsulating the serene charm of rural living.

Pippa Middleton once lived in a £17 million home in London Max Mumby

Moreover, Pippa's parents, the Middletons, also reside nearby, ensuring that her family remains close to both of their daughters. This relocation signifies a shift towards a quieter, more secluded lifestyle, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of city living.

What makes Pippa Middleton so rich?

While Pippa's housing transition is intriguing, her financial standing is equally remarkable. Before gaining fame as Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa worked in public relations, events management, and her family's successful company, Party Pieces. As per The Mirror, her authorship of books, including Celebrate and Heartfelt, further contributed to her wealth, with a reported £400,000 advance for the former.

Party Pieces, owned by her parents, is a thriving enterprise valued at approximately £30 million, signifying their self-made millionaire status. Additionally, Pippa's husband, James Matthews, is a former professional racing driver and hedge fund manager, currently serving as the CEO of Eden Rock Capital Management.

Pippa Middleton once lived in a £17 million home in London Karwai Tang

As per Hello!, James Matthews is also the heir to the Scottish feudal title of Laird of Glen Affric, which comes with a sprawling mansion and a vast estate spanning 10,000 acres. His family possesses Eden Rock in St. Barths, a high-end hotel that attracts celebrities. This significant wealth ensures that Pippa Middleton's net worth is estimated at an impressive $50 million, surpassing the financial standing of many royals.

Additionally, James has a track record of real estate investments. During his early twenties, he purchased a Mayfair property for £1.75 million, subsequently selling it for £12.75 million in 2006. Today, the London property's estimated value has surged to £40 million.

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