James Argent: The TV personality spotted kissing his new love

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James Argent is heading into a new relationship following the hurdles he's faced in the past few years.

The Only Way is Essex star James Argent has recently been pictured passionately kissing his new 18-year-old girlfriend Stella Turian, who is an Italian actress. The 34-year-old television personality had been teasing that he met someone 'lovely' and that he's ready for a relationship now, reports The Mirror.

James Argent: The TV personality spotted kissing his new love Mike Marsland

A budding love in Marbella

The couple was seen in Marballa, on Costa del Sol in Spain and pictures reveal that they were very affectionate with each other. The images that were acquired by The Sun show the couple embracing each other and sharing a kiss.

The Mirror reports that Argent appeared on GB News and spoke to host Mark Dolan on the current situation of his love life.

Argent said:

I feel more confident and I feel like I'm ready to potentially meet someone like there was someone I've met recently who's lovely, but she lives abroad.

He added:

We are in contact and stuff but I'm literally like from now till the very end of August, I don't really have a day off to be honest with you. So we're gonna carry on talking and hopefully, we might see each other, we'll plan something maybe at the end of the summer, maybe September time, something like that.

It is further reported that Argent has been spending his summer at Marbella performing in clubs, notably at Olivias La Cala, which is a restaurant owned by his friend Elliot Wright.

James Argent: The TV personality spotted kissing his new love Karwai Tang

Moving on from a troubled relationship

Prior to this Argent was in a relationship with Lydia Bright, who was also a participant in TOWIE. The couple began their relationship during the early stages of the show, but they broke up once it came to light that Argent had cheated on her with his co-star Gemma Collins, reports The Sun.

After that, Argent got back together with Collins in 2018 but the couple broke up by February 2019, and he has since stated that they remain friends and he wishes the best for her.

James Argent: The TV personality spotted kissing his new love Karwai Tang

Despite all the rocky relationships and admissions of infidelity, the TV personality is seemingly leading a happy relationship with his new partner.

An arduous weight-loss journey

The Mirror reports that during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic when strict lockdowns were maintained, Argent gained quite a lot of weight and was at 27 stone. The TV personality then opted for gastric surgery in 2021 and reportedly lost 13 stone. He has since been spotted looking almost unrecognizable.

Earlier in February this year, Argent spoke to The Sun stating that he was intending to gain more weight as he had become too thin.

He said:

The only problem now is I’ve lost a little bit too much weight and I need to put on half a stone. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious, we didn’t think we’d ever be in this situation but it’s one thing or another with me - that’s just me!
James Argent: The TV personality spotted kissing his new love Ian Lawrence

The TV personality recently appeared in The Real Dirty Dancing as a participant on Channel 4 which aired from February till March.

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