Jordan Henderson and Gabriel interviewed by referee following on-pitch feud

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The ‘incident’ between Jordan Henderson vs Gabriel, players for Arsenal and Liverpool respectively, is going to be inquired into by the FA.

While Mikel Arteta emphasizes that ‘whatever happens on that pitch stays on that pitch’, the FA is set to be examining the accident, according to various reports.

After a blazing row happened at the end of the Gunners’ 3-2 win at the Emirates on Sunday, the Football Association is inspecting deeper into this between Arsenal and Liverpool.

What happened at the match?

According to SkyNews, the dispute emerged after the decision of referee Michael Oliver, which was to offer Arsenal a penalty for Thiago Alcantara’s foul on Gabriel Jesus inside the box. Liverpool had previously been denied a spot-kick despite Gabriel Magalhaes seeming to handball. Trent Alexander-Arnold’s ankle and Luis Diaz’s knee were both injured in the Reds' shaming loss.

Jordan Henderson and Gabriel got into an argument before Granit Xhaka and a few other players got involved. It is claimed that Gabriel complained he heard something discriminating on the pitch which preempted an angry confrontation with Liverpool captain Henderson.

At halftime, Oliver again approached Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp after pausing the game to speak to both managers.

Jordan Henderson and Gabriel interviewed by referee following on-pitch feud Jon Powell

When Arteta was interviewed about the accident in his press meeting after the match, he shared only:

'It was an incident that happened. Whatever happens on that pitch stays on that pitch’.

Additionally, Klopp said in a TV talk that he was 'not allowed' to mention anything about it, reports the Mirror.

FA is dealing with the incident

At the moment, the FA is waiting for the document from the referee before concluding whether to take further steps. An FA rep announced:

'We are aware of an incident that took place during the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. We are in dialogue with the match officials and will review the details of the incident.'
Jordan Henderson and Gabriel interviewed by referee following on-pitch feud Stuart McFarlane

Emirates reflects a new Arsenal

According to Marca, Arsenal has a horrible history against Liverpool, with just triumphing once against them in any tournament since April 2015. Because Jurgen Klopp chose gegenpressing tactic, Arsenal's defenders frequently faced one-on-one situations with their opponents and occasionally found themselves surpassed with numbers.

On Sunday, they were twice pinned back, which easily could have led to a loss. However, they defended their honor and their league-leading position for the final five minutes of regulation time and at least five minutes of extra time.

Jordan Henderson and Gabriel interviewed by referee following on-pitch feud Robin Jones

And they overcame it. When the final whistle did sound, it was greeted with a noise that was rarely surpassed at this stadium. Its throatiness, loudness, and duration underlined not just the significance of the triumph and optimism that now envelops the Emirates, but also the wounds and bruises that Arsenal had sustained to make it possible.

After each of Liverpool's goals, the Emirates became silent, broken only by the thumping in the away end. Previously, at the Emirates, the silence would be broken by someone yelling insults at a player or manager, doubting their devotion, talent, or both. Depending on the time of year or the severity of the outcome, the yells may or may not have been accompanied by boos.

Jordan Henderson and Gabriel interviewed by referee following on-pitch feud Stuart McFarlane

After all, the match was truly a thriller to spectate. The only tarnish so far has been Henderson's row with Gabriel, which many online source claimed was an act of racial discrimination.

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