Strictly Come Dancing contestant has a feud brewing

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Winning the trophy may have come with bittersweet feelings for the contestant Hamza Yassin.

Strictly Come Dancing concluded on December 17 with Hamza Yassin and Jowita Przystał winning the glitterball trophy. The finals had the judges and the audience at the edge of their seats, but Hamza and Jowita pulled through by popular vote.

That being said, there may be a love triangle and a subsequent feud brewing between the two winners and another individual from the show.

Strictly Come Dancing contestant has a feud brewing Dave J Hogan

Romantic interests

It was no surprise that Hamza and Jowita had a certain chemistry between them throughout the show, one that may have propelled them toward the final victory. On that note, it is reported that Hamza may have had romantic feelings toward his partner.

An insider spoke to The Sun saying:

Hamza and Jowita became very close and at times were quite touchy-feely. People would often see them sneak off together. Obviously their closeness really helped when it came to them winning the trophy.

It was very apparent that the wildlife host was absolutely smitten by Jowita. Following their victory, Hamza emotionally paid tribute to his partner noting that 'you are an angel disguised as a human being, a ray of sunshine.'

Strictly Come Dancing contestant has a feud brewing Mike Marsland

A love triangle

Recently, it was reported that Jowita had been secretly dating fellow pro dancer Giovanni Pernice. According to The Daily Mail, the duo was even reportedly caught kissing backstage during the filming process. Although both of them haven't confirmed anything, The Sun noted that the couple's relationship is the 'worst kept secret' after they've been seen flirting with each other during a party.

A source said:

She and Gio are the worst kept secret, but make a great couple. Jowita, especially, wanted to keep things quiet so she could keep focused with Hamza, and not distract from the competition.

This indicates that the relationship was still going on while Hamza was beginning to develop feelings for Jowita, but she may have kept it under wraps to ensure that the competition received the proper attention and effort from both of them.

Strictly Come Dancing contestant has a feud brewing Karwai Tang

As news broke out that Jowita and Giovanni were dating, Hamza proceeded to unfollow Giovanni on Instagram, although he still follows Jowita. The exact reason for this falling out is unknown, whether Jowita didn't make it clear to Hamza or if the wildlife host misinterpreted the signals, the outcome is a complicated love triangle that's seemingly gearing up toward a feud.

The source speaking to The Sun noted:

But while Jowita thinks the world of him, she held back from anything romantic and kept him slightly at arm’s length. When it was clear she was involved with Giovanni, the reason for that became clear. But while Hamza wants her to be happy, he was quietly devastated.

Recently, The Mirror reported that Giovanni and Jowita were seen leaving the Italian dancer's apartment moments after the rumors of romance were sparked. This more or less confirms that there is something developing for both of the pro dancers, leaving a 'brokenhearted' Hamza in the background.

Strictly Come Dancing contestant has a feud brewing Dave J Hogan

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