Marnie Swindells: The Apprentice winner's life before winning the show

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Read to find out how Marnie Swindells used to live before taking part in the wildly popular show The Apprentice!

Marnie Swindells, who won the 17th series of The Apprentice, has been the topic of attention ever since her victory. Her business acumen and impressive negotiation skills have earned her widespread recognition and praise. In addition to her success on the show, Swindells has also been an advocate for women in business and shared some motivating words about breaking the glass ceiling and following one's dreams.

That being said, how was Swindells' life before appearing in The Apprentice?

A tough childhood

Swindells had a challenging upbringing. After her father's sudden death when she was just eight years old, Swindells and her mother were left to fend for themselves. They moved into a caravan, and her mother worked long hours to make ends meet.

She said:

I was 8 years old when I witnessed my dad's sudden death, a moment that plummeted my little world into a pit of sadness, agony and sheer hopelessness. Even at that age I was so conscious of my reality and I remember lying in the silent hours of the night wondering if this was all there was for me in this life.

She added:

I would watch my school friends with their two-parent families in their big houses with their fancy toys and I desperately longed to be part of that 'other' world that to my young eyes seemed so utterly perfect

Despite facing significant challenges during her upbringing, Swindells is determined not to be defined by her roots, instead striving to be acknowledged for her own achievements through her unwavering dedication and effort.

Nevertheless, as Swindells' following continues to expand, she recognizes the increasing responsibility that comes with her success and is motivated to utilize her platform to motivate and inspire others. She believes that every individual has the ability to overcome their circumstances and alter their destiny, and she feels compelled to share this message of hope and empowerment with her audience.

She said:

To tell every little girl and young boy out there that their life's path remains unwritten and their fate unsealed. To work relentlessly in pursuit of your dreams and to never let the start of your story dictate how it ends. Your shoes might be broken but your mind is a palace.

Passion for boxing

Following the emotional trauma of losing her father at just eight years old, Swindells discovered that boxing provided a therapeutic outlet for her. Starting at 17, Swindells developed a strong passion for the sport, which led her to move to London at the age of 18 to pursue a professional boxing career. Her dedication paid off, as she won numerous medals while also serving as a coach and promoter.

She decided to pursue a legal career at the age of 26, becoming a qualified barrister and court advocate after overcoming significant challenges. Despite this accomplishment, her love for boxing never waned, and she ultimately left the legal profession to pursue her true passion.

In 2014, Swindells founded her own boxing gym, named Bronx, which provides a space for individuals to achieve their fitness goals and build inner strength through boxing. Her inspiring journey serves as a reminder of the transformative power of sport, as well as the importance of following one's true calling.

A luxurious lifestyle

After achieving remarkable success in both boxing and law, Swindells took to living a more lavish lifestyle. In 2019, she made headlines for buying a flat in London at a remarkably young age of 24, and she proudly shared her accomplishment with her followers on social media. Her Instagram feed also showcases her as a globe-trotter, frequently traveling to exotic locations and enjoying luxurious vacations and experiences.

Swindells' love for fashion is evident from her social media profile, where she can be seen in designer accessories and sporting faux-fur coats. She further flaunts her taste for the finer things in life by sharing photos of herself driving a luxury Bentley.

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