King Charles III: Who is invited to the secret party before the coronation?

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Read to find out the list of dignitaries who will be attending the private party before the coronation.

On Saturday 6 May, a historic coronation service will be held at Westminster Abbey to crown the monarch and his wife. The ceremony is going to be a slimmed down version of the event, but it is still expected to be attended by over two thousand people.

That being said, prior to the event itself, King Charles III will hold a private party which will be attended by some special guests.

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History of private coronation events

The tradition of having a private coronation party within the British Royal family dates back to the medieval period. In the past, the private celebration was often held the night before the coronation and was attended only by the monarch and close family members.

The party served as a time for the monarch to rest and relax before the intense ceremony the next day. It was also an opportunity for the monarch to spend quality time with their family members before assuming the weighty responsibilities of the crown.

In more recent times, the private coronation party has taken on a more modern form, with the inclusion of entertainment, food, and drinks. Royalties and dignitaries from other countries tend to be present during these private parties as a sign of respect and to strengthen international relations.

The presence of foreign dignitaries also highlights the global significance of the British monarchy and the importance of the coronation ceremony in the world stage. These private coronation parties are often exclusive events, and their attendance is a great privilege and honor for guests from around the world.

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Japanese ties

Confirmation has been made that the Crown Prince of Japan, Fumihito, will be accompanied by his wife, the Crown Princess Kiko, to attend the coronation ceremony on 6 May in representation of his elder brother, Emperor Naruhito.

As the next in line to the Japanese throne, the Crown Prince of Japan is recognized for his notable contributions towards environmental conservation, particularly in the preservation of wild birds, and mental health awareness in his home country.

The Crown Princess of Japan is also an active participant in the royal family, involving herself in a diverse range of charitable and cultural undertakings in Japan. Following the abdication of Emperor Akihito, Emperor Naruhito acceded to the Japanese throne in 2019 in a momentous event that marked the start of a new era in Japanese history.

The presence of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Japan at the UK coronation ceremony serves as a testament to the firm bonds between the two nations, highlighting their shared commitment to the advancement of international relations.

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Royalties from around the world

A number of notable royals will attend the coronation ceremony in the UK on May 6th. Among the confirmed guests are King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and his daughter Crown Princess Victoria, who is a strong advocate for children's welfare.

Also in attendance will be Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, an accomplished sailor, and former Olympic athlete, along with his Australian-born wife, Crown Princess Mary, who is highly respected for her humanitarian work.

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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco, both former Olympic athletes, will also be present, with Prince Albert focusing on environmental causes and Princess Charlene advocating for environmental conservation.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain will also attend, both of whom are known for their philanthropic efforts and support of social causes. The presence of these esteemed royals at the coronation ceremony is a testament to the enduring relationships between the UK and their respective countries

It has been confirmed that Prince Harry will attend the coronation ceremony in the UK without the presence of his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children. The Prince is expected to make a short trip to London for the event before returning to his home in Montecito, California.

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