Did you know? Grace Kelly was one of Diana's confidants

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Did you know? Grace Kelly was one of Diana's confidants
Did you know? Grace Kelly was one of Diana's confidants © AGENCE / BESTIMAGE

Netflix is planning to release a documentary that would reveal, among other things, previously unreleased audio recordings of Princess Diana. It's an opportunity to discover even more about the woman who still fascinates the younger generation.

Are there still things we don't know about Diana? Netflix, whose successful series “The Crown” chronicles the life of Lady Di, wants to release a documentary about William and Harry's mother soon. An opportunity to hear previously unreleased audio recordings of Diana, which could also make Prince Charles nervous. The English aristocrat, a member of the British royal family, who died on 31 August 1997, continues to fascinate. Very private, among her confidants she counted another princess: Grace Kelly.

Diana and the wife of Prince Rainier III came from very different worlds. English aristocracy on one side, Hollywood on the other, as Tatler reminds us. And yet, they had many things in common. As members of a royal family, they were also seen as fashion icons. Generous and philanthropic, they both used their fame to help others. When they met each other, the connection was immediate.

Grace Kelly recognised herself in Diana

Their first meeting dates back to 1981. Grace Kelly and Princess Diana were introduced to each other by Prince Charles. In “Grace of Monaco”, biographer Jeffrey Robinson writes that the Monaco princess “saw a little of Diana in herself”. That day, during one of the first public appearances she made with the Prince of Wales, Diana was very distressed. But fortunately, Grace Kelly had some comforting words for her. And she even warned her, in a humorous way, about what was coming. “Don't worry, it will get a lot worse!”, she told her.

The mother of Prince Albert, Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco was very maternal with Diana, and was one of her confidants. When Grace Kelly died in September 1982, Diana urged Charles to let her go to the funeral. Diana felt it was important for her to be at the event, because like Grace Kelly, she had become part of a large royal family, Andrew Morton reported in “Diana: Her True Story”. “It would be good”, Diana had confided in him. Grace of Monaco and Lady Diana both sacrificed themselves for love and both met a tragic end.

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