Princess Diana stayed healthy by eating this meal at least twice a week

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Princess Diana was a symbol of luxury; yet, behind the glamour, she also embodied a surprising commitment to simplicity and health in her dietary choice.

Royal lifestyles may exude extravagance, but their favorite foods often mirror our own preferences. Princess Diana, known for her glitz and grace, had a surprising penchant for healthy and simple meals. Former royal chef Darren McGrady recently shared insights into Princess Diana's favorite healthy meal, shedding light on her culinary preferences that deviated from the traditional royal fare.

Princess Diana's favorite food: A very simple dish

When it comes to royalty status, Princess Diana is arguably among the most symbolic representation of extravagance and luxury. The late Princess, whose notorious Black Sheep sweater recently sold for a record-breaking price at auction, was entitled to unmatched privileges during her lifetime.

Princess Diana stayed healthy by eating this meal at least twice a week Tim Graham

Despite dining at Buckingham Palace, extravagant restaurants, and lavish royal tours where she could indulge in cuisine from around the world, Princess Diana's approach to meals at home was surprisingly simple and health-conscious. At her residence, she opted for meals that emphasized both flavor and well-being.

On his YouTube channel, Darren McGrady, who once served as Diana's personal chef, unveiled a nutritious dish that the Princess relished two to three times a week. McGrady explained how Diana's commitment to her health extended to her diet, saying:

'When I joined Princess Diana, she was patron of 119 different charities, working out at the gym three days a week looking the best she ever did. She'd conquered and confronted the bulimia and she said to me, 'Darren, you take care of all the fats, I'll take care of the carbs at the gym.'

McGrady recounted how this conversation transformed his cooking style, which eliminated heavy creams and rich sauces, focusing on healthy eating. He said that the late Princess favored stuffed bell peppers and stuffed eggplant, avoiding red meat and shellfish altogether. The chef told Mashed:

'She asked for this dish several times a week. She would often come into the kitchen and ask for her favorite dish, and sat there chatting while I mad it.'

As per Lovefood, Diana's stuffed bell peppers were a delightful medley of flavors and textures. The peppers were generously filled with zucchini, mushrooms, and rice for carbohydrates to fuel her active lifestyle. A hint of garlic added depth to the dish, although fats such as butter or creams were conspicuously absent. Instead, cheese lover Diana enjoyed a touch of mozzarella and Parmesan, infusing the meal with a cheesy indulgence. The finishing touch was a smoked tomato pepper sauce, enhancing the overall flavor profile while maintaining a healthy balance.

Princess Diana's healthy diet

Princess Diana's dedication to her health extended beyond her food choices. She was an early adopter of juicing, favoring combinations like carrot, celery, spinach, and parsley. Her love for beets led her to request a beet juice, which Darren McGrady concocted, albeit mixed with apple juice to address a skin reaction.

Princess Diana's unique food preferences provide a fascinating contrast to those of other members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth, for example, is known for her love of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and Earl Grey tea. She abhors food waste and often consumes leftovers, as per The Mirror.

King Charles III, on the other hand, favors organic and sustainable produce, game meat, and whisky, while avoiding certain foods, such as courgettes and garlic, during public engagements.

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