King Charles has been making big changes at Buckingham and not everyone is happy

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Buckingham Palace recently posted a job advertisement for a live-in chef who will cater to King Charles' strict meals at state banquets.

Buckingham Palace, the iconic residence of the British monarch, is not just a symbol of grandeur and tradition, but also a place where changes are taking place under the reign of King Charles. While the palace has witnessed countless historical events, it is now experiencing a culinary transformation that is captivating both supporters and skeptics. At the moment, King Charles is looking for a live-in chef who can prepare special dishes for him at Buckingham Palace.

A unique royal opportunity

According to The Mirror, Buckingham Palace recently advertised a Premier Sous Chef position to work alongside the head chef and prepare vegan dishes for King Charles and the palace's occupants.

King Charles has been making big changes at Buckingham and not everyone is happy Max Mumby

The job description emphasizes the uniqueness of the role, with responsibilities ranging from 'leading a team of professionals' to 'developing diverse menus and sourcing seasonal ingredients.' The successful candidate will join a team of 30 and operate from six different residences, experiencing a level of scope and variety unparalleled in other culinary positions.

The job advert reads:

'This job is truly like no other. As Premier Sous Chef you'll help to lead a team of talented professionals in the Royal Kitchens. Supporting the Head Chef, you'll oversee day-to-day operations, and whether its staff lunches or a grand State Banquet, you'll ensure every meal is delivered to the highest of standards.'

It adds:

'You'll develop and prepare diverse menus and source the very best Seasonal ingredients, as well as helping to manage stock levels and co-ordinate staff rotas. You'll motivate and inspire those around you, monitoring the performance and development of a highly competent team, as well as recruiting and training new members.'

The listing also asks that the candidate have good IT skills and have an extensive knowledge of 'classical cuisine and of the food industry in general.'

King Charles' special requirements for his meals

According to The Times, King Charles's decision to incorporate vegan meals into his diet stems from his commitment to environmental sustainability.

King Charles has been making big changes at Buckingham and not everyone is happy Karwai Tang

As an avid environmentalist, the King avoids consuming meat, fish, and dairy one day a week to reduce the pressure on the environment. In a 2021 interview, he stated the significance of dietary choices, encouraging others to adopt similar practices:

'The business of what we eat is, of course, important. For years I haven't eaten meat and fish on two days a week. And I don't eat dairy products on one day a week. If more did that, you reduce a lot of the pressure on the environment.'

Beyond his commitment to veganism one day a week, King Charles also follows a vegetarian diet two days out of every seven. Charles’s former press secretary, Julian Payne, previously confirmed the royal never stops for lunch and has a breakfast of fruit and seeds, the Mirror reports. The King's preference for boiled eggs at breakfast and dinner is well known, reflecting his individual tastes and preferences.

King Charles has been making big changes at Buckingham and not everyone is happy Samir Hussein

However, the introduction of a vegan chef at Buckingham Palace has not been universally embraced. Critics argue that such a significant shift in the palace's culinary practices disregards tradition and alienates those who appreciate the traditional royal cuisine. Some members of the palace staff, accustomed to preparing and enjoying non-vegan meals, have expressed their displeasure with the changes.

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