King Charles is facing a serious problem with his plan for the Royal Family

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King Charles has expressed his desire for a radical change in the monarchy that could save costs, but his plan is facing a complication.

Renowned royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has highlighted a major issue that King Charles must promptly address within the Royal Family. He expressed concerns about the aging nature of the Firm, as evidenced by the first portraits of the Royal Family released after the Coronation.

Speaking to GB News, Fitzwilliams cautioned that the King's aspirations for a streamlined monarchy could lead to an overwhelming workload for the remaining working members of the royal family.

Implications of an Aging Royal Family

According to The Mirror, Fitzwilliams pointed out that among the 12 working members of the Royal Family, only four were below the age of 70, indicating a potential challenge. He said:

'I think one of the problems - and this is something that King Charles is going to have to deal with - as we saw in the first set of photographs released after the highly successful coronation weekend, there were 12 working members of the royal family, of which only four were below the age of 70.'

He acknowledged that it would be a considerable period before Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis could actively participate in royal engagements:

'I mean it was wonderful to see George as a page of honour, but it is obviously going to be a long time before any of them are able to participate in royal engagements actively.'
King Charles is facing a serious problem with his plan for the Royal Family Samir Hussein

She continued:

'And this does mean that, firstly, The Waleses are the future of the monarchy, there's absolutely no doubt about it. But secondly, who's going to take up all these hundreds of patronages at the moment which are at the moment vacant?'

Public's reaction to a slimmed-down monarchy

A poll conducted by The Mirror revealed that a significant majority of the British public, 80%, agrees with King Charles' desire to trim down the monarchy. Recognizing the challenging cost of living crisis faced by many, the King aims to refocus the family's efforts on marginalized individuals and those working tirelessly to assist the less fortunate.

The poll also indicated that 84% of respondents supported a less extravagant Coronation ceremony, although it will still entail an estimated cost of £100 million to taxpayers. Furthermore, 52% believed that King Charles should personally contribute to the expenses, given his substantial private fortune.

Considering the declining number of working royals, which includes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's withdrawal and Prince Andrew's retreat from public life, experts argue that the Royal Family may need to scale down their duties. The advanced age of the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester further compounds the issue.

King Charles is facing a serious problem with his plan for the Royal Family Chris Jackson

Princess Anne's viewpoint on her brother's plan

Princess Anne, in a rare interview with Canadian TV, expressed skepticism about the concept of a slimmed-down monarchy. When asked about the potential for further downsizing, Anne expresses skepticism, stating:

'It doesn't sound like a good idea from where I'm standing. I'm not quite sure what else, you know, we can do.'
King Charles is facing a serious problem with his plan for the Royal Family Max Mumby

The Princess emphasizes the challenges faced by the monarchy and the need to explore alternative strategies to ensure its continued significance. While acknowledging the need for conversations about relevance, she implied that it may not be a discussion she would personally engage in.

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