King Charles has this 'secret' habit that not many know about, and it's been called 'dangerous'

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Among a plethora of hobbies King Charles has, one more rather dangerous one has been revealed. Here's what it is.

While the royals do their duties, there are traces of them that make them relatable to the layman. Whether it is that one common practice King Charles and Prince William both strictly adhere to, or King Charles’ massive jewelry collection, so many aspects make them stand apart while blending in.

King Charles is known to have unusual hobbies as well, which are contrary to his usual routines, like his daily 12-minute fitness secret. Not only is this hobby unique, but it has also been deemed dangerous by a close royal source. Here’s what this allegedly dangerous hobby is.

King Charles’s hobbies

King Charles is an outdoorsy guy through and through. One might imagine royals staying indoors and spending their time reading or enjoying endless cups of tea. But the King is very different. As a young Prince, he was extremely fond of playing polo. He is also known to be an avid hiker who absolutely loves to fish. In fact, he is said to have the capacity to walk endlessly without tiring. He is also a diver and a trained jet and helicopter pilot, adding to his outdoorsy skills.

Among all this, His Royal Highness has a keen eye for art, culture, and painting, with watercolor painting being his strong suit. As per Nat Geo Kids, he is also a music lover and played the cello in his university days as a part of the orchestra. But among all these otherwise ordinary interests, a rather unusual one has been revealed about the king by a source close to him, and here’s what it is.

King Charles, the hedgelayer

For context, hedge-laying is the art of laying a hedge and turning it into a fence. It isn’t exactly the safest hobby given how complex and technical it is. As per the former butler named Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles from 2004 to 2011, hedge laying is one of the King’s passions. But a rather dangerous passion to have. As per Harrold’s conversation with Spin Genie, this was what was revealed by him, about the King’s unusual passion, which includes wildlife and farming.

"You have to hack the branches of a hedge and weave them together. There’s pictures and videos of Charles doing it, but it's not a known thing."
"I think he even judges or gets involved in the national hedge laying competition. I don't think people know that the King has that love."

Speaking about the King’s love for farming and plants, Harrods also said the following.

"I remember he once said that if he wasn’t king, he would be quite happy being a farmer. People often say to me they'll see him in local fields."

Queen Camilla’s take on the hobby

Queen Consort Camilla has always been vocal about the King’s passions that keep him so young. She has even admitted publicly that the King is the fittest man in his age group that she knows of, on BBC Radio 5's The Emma Barnett Show in June 2020. And how he can walk for miles endlessly, without tiring. She said the following.

"He'll walk and walk and walk. He's like a mountain goat. He leaves everybody miles behind."

As part of her guest editorship of Country Life recently, Queen Camilla said the following about the true countryman that is her husband.

"Whether he's hedge-laying in the pouring rain, striding, like a mountain goat, up impossibly steep Highland hills, planting trees in the arboretum, or pruning at Highgrove, this is where he finds true peace."

She also mentioned that the countryside is where the King finds peace.

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