Prince Harry has beat King Charles to become this country's favorite royal

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Despite Prince Harry's sinking popularity in his home soil, he has been crowned the most popular British royal in this country while the King is way down the list.

At the King's recent coronation, the Duke of Sussex had 'no formal role' and was seated three rows behind key figures, before making an exit to California only within hours of the event. Ironically, while Prince Harry's fractured relationship with the royals has led to a decline in his public image in the UK, he continues to maintain popularity in the USA.

Prince Harry has beat King Charles to become this country's favorite royal Max Mumby

The Duke of Sussex has secured the title of America's favorite royal, surpassing King Charles in a recent survey.

Surprise results of the survey

According to The Mirror, the survey, conducted across 36 states and encompassing 7,276 Americans, aimed to determine the preferred member of the British royal family. Prince Harry emerged as the top choice with 33.8% of the votes, closely followed by Kate Middleton with 29.6% and Prince William with 22%.

Prince Harry's victory in the popularity survey indicates his significant influence and widespread appeal among Americans. Regardless of age or gender, Prince Harry emerged as the most popular royal among all demographics, solidifying his status as a firm favorite in the United States.

Factors contributing to Harry's popularity

The Duke's decision to step down from royal duties and establish himself in California has allowed him to pursue various ventures, including multi-million dollar deals with major media platforms (Netflix and Spotify). His charitable organization, Archewell, has prioritized championing human rights, further enhancing Harry's popularity.

According to The Express, Prince Harry's advocacy work has played a crucial role in winning the hearts of the American public. As a former member of the British Armed Forces, he has been a vocal advocate for the mental health of servicemen and women, raising awareness about issues such as PTSD and offering support to wounded veterans.

Prince Harry has beat King Charles to become this country's favorite royal Chris Jackson

Moreover, Prince Harry has shown dedication to various important causes like HIV/AIDS and climate change. These efforts have garnered admiration and respect, further boosting his popularity among Americans. According to Clive Irving, author of The Last Queen, Harry and Meghan Markle resonate with the American public because they 'deal with modern issues that matter.'

King Charles' poor ranking

Despite his recent coronation as King Charles III, the survey results showed that King Charles did not secure the top spot in any of the 36 states surveyed. King Charles received only 10.8% of the votes, placing him in fifth position. However, his Majesty was congratulated for a 'triumphant' coronation, with the British Deputy Prime Minister commending the collaborative efforts between the government and the royal household to ensure a successful event.

Prince Harry has beat King Charles to become this country's favorite royal Max Mumby

The survey also shed light on the preferences for other members of the British royal family among Americans. Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, ranked sixth with 5.7% of the votes, followed by Camilla with 4.4% and Princess Beatrice with 3.9%. Princess Eugenie and Prince Edward concluded the list with 2.7% and 1.4% respectively.

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