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Princess Anne's presence in the media is not large, and this is reportedly due to Princess Royal's own choice in terms of maintaining her own privacy. As such, the media in turn don't have a lead and instead focus on other members of the Royal family.

That being said, Princess Anne is a hard worker who has an illustrious history throughout the various avenues she's explored in her life, and recently she made a very big achievement, one that even trumps King Charles III.

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The Princess Royal

Princess Anne, born on August 15, 1950, is the second child and only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The Princess Royal is known for her philanthropy and humanitarian work and has been involved with over 300 charities and organizations throughout her career.

She is also an accomplished equestrian and competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics as a member of the British equestrian team, reports Team GB. In addition to her royal duties, Princess Anne holds several official titles including Princess Royal and Chancellor of the University of London.

She is married to Sir Timothy Laurence and has two children, Peter Phillips, and Zara Tindall. Despite her high-profile position, Princess Anne is known for her down-to-earth personality and her reluctance to seek attention or publicity.

Princess Anne made this major achievement this year Max Mumby/Indigo

A more prominent role

According to Vanity Fair, Princess Anne was very close to the late Queen, and during the Monarch's time of death, Princess Royal was there at the Highlands castle in Scotland alongside King Charles. Anne is mostly known for keeping her composure and emotions in check, but naturally, the Princess Royal was pictured with a heartbroken look on her face.

Although initially there were expectations that Princess Royal would be taking a more prominent role alongside King Charles, these expectations didn't entirely materialize until recently. According to Evening Standard, King Charles requested the House of Lords to appoint Princess Anne and Prince Andrew as Counsellors of State, who have the responsibility to stand in for the Monarch in his absence.

In a statement, King Charles said:

To ensure continued efficiency of public business when I am unavailable, such as while I am undertaking official duties overseas, I confirm that I would be most content, should Parliament see fit, for the number of people who may be called upon to act as Counsellors of State under the terms of the Regency Acts 1937 to 1953 to be increased to include my sister and brother, The Princess Royal and The Earl of Wessex & Forfar, both of whom have previously undertaken this role.
Princess Anne made this major achievement this year Max Mumby/Indigo

The Royal workhorse

The Princess Royal's approach toward carrying out her Royal duties is simple and efficient, as she prefers to utilize her role in a quick and efficiently prepared manner for all the events that she attends. Due to her excellent work ethic and dedication, she is often referred to as the Royal workhorse.

Giving credence to the unofficial title she's been given, Princess Anne was declared to be the hardest-working Royal family member of 2022, with a total of 214 engagements attended this year. In comparison, King Charles completed 181, Prince William attended 128 and Princess Kate Middleton took up 90 engagements, reports The Daily Mail.

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Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time Princess Royal has made this achievement. USA Today further reports that she was named the hardest-working Royal in 2021 as well, with a staggering 387 engagements attended, even during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the Princess Royal prefers to stay out of the limelight, the effort that she puts in terms of carrying out her Royal responsibilities is certainly noted by the British public. With an air of modesty, efficiency, and respectable maintenance of privacy, perhaps Princess Anne reflects the character of the late Queen more so than any other Royal family member.

Princess Anne made this major achievement this year Max Mumby/Indigo

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