Princess Anne reveals rare details about the Queen's death in new documentary

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Princess Anne recently revealed a grave concern that the late Queen had, about her death. Here's what it is.

Queen Elizabeth’s death shook the world last year, with the monarch breathing her last in her favorite estate home. The late monarch of the United Kingdom was known to be extremely involved in the state of affairs when it came to her country and her people.

By always putting her country and the royal protocols ahead of everything else, Queen Elizabeth had so much on her mind, even as her health was deteriorating with every passing day. Recently, it was revealed that the late Queen had some grave concerns regarding her death during her last days, which she voiced out to her children. This is what it is.

The Queen’s death

The Queen’s one-year death anniversary was a vital one, even with the King marking it in his own way. And over the course of the past year, several royal family members have come out and shared their last few words with Her Royal Highness. From Sarah Ferguson sharing the Queen’s last words to her, to Prince William revealing a heartfelt note he got from his late grandmother when he was young, everyone has given the world a peek at their last conversations with the late Queen.

Most recently, Princess Anne opened up about a grave concern that bothered the Queen, as she was in her last stages of life, and approaching death. Here’s what it is.

The Queen’s concern

As the world knows, the Queen spent her last days and died peacefully in Balmoral Castle. Positioned in Scotland, the Queen lived up to 96, after enjoying a long reign. Princess Anne revealed the following information about the Queen’s concerns about her death, in a documentary that aired on Boxing Day. And it involved the decision-making process that would follow after her death. As per The Guardian, this is what Princess Anne said about her mother’s last days.

“I think there was a moment when she felt that it would be more difficult if she died at Balmoral. And I think we did try and persuade her that that shouldn’t be part of the decision-making process. “So I hope she felt that that was right in the end, because I think we did.”

The reasons for this concern

Balmoral is world famous for being the late Queen’s favorite residence. But, given that it was in Scotland, she was worried about Scotland causing added issues for implementing the London Bridge plans. With the codename ‘Operation Unicorn’, the late Queen had a protocol in place, in the event of her passing in Balmoral. Princess Anne said the following about the funeral and death of her mother.

“My mother’s funeral in St George’s, he takes the crown off the coffin – I rather weirdly felt a sense of relief, somehow that’s it, finished. That responsibility being moved on.”
“To be honest, I’m not sure that anybody can really prepare themselves for that kind of change … not easily. And then the change happens and you go: ‘OK, I now have to get on with it. Monarchy is a 365 days a year occupation; it doesn’t stop because you change monarchs, for whatever reason.”

Looking back at the death of her mother, Princess Anne also revealed that she ‘weirdly felt a sense of 'relief’, when her mother passed and the imperial state crown was removed from her coffin, which is a symbolic indication of the role getting passed on to her brother, Charles. And the fact that the Princess Royal was at Balmoral right before her mother’s death was serendipity.

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