Alex Scott's home is worth £1.5 million, this is where the sports presenter lives

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The former England international has graced our screens in recent years, presenting high-profile programs such as Football Focus.

Former professional footballer turned broadcaster Alex Scott has been making remarkable strides in her career over the past few years, achieving high-profile presenting roles on shows like The One Show and Football Focus. As her career continues to ascend, Alex has invested in a new £1.5 million London home that she moved into in March 2021. The property not only showcases her refined taste but also provides a glimpse into her personal life, as she shares glimpses of her living space on social media.

Alex Scott's home is worth £1.5 million, this is where the sports presenter lives  Jeff Spicer

Comfort in the living room

According to The Mirror, one of the standout features of Alex's home is her meticulously designed living room, which often serves as the backdrop for her Instagram posts. The room exudes an air of sophistication with its built-in bookshelves, adorned with an array of books and charming candles.

A striking palm plant occupies a prominent spot on the floor, infusing the space with a touch of nature. The room is painted in a serene pale blue hue that complements the wooden flooring, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The large windows are elegantly adorned with white shutter blinds, while an assortment of lush green plants adds an inviting touch to the décor.

Beyond the cozy confines of her living room, Alex's London home boasts a dedicated space that serves as her personal gym. Through her social media presence, she shares workout routines that feature equipment ranging from kettlebells and free weights to a Peloton bike.

A voice against domestic abuse

During her childhood, Alex turned to football as a means of seeking refuge from the turbulence of her violent household. Her dedication led her to join the ranks of notable clubs such as Arsenal, Birmingham City, and Boston Breakers. Today, her fervor lies in leveraging her prominent position in the public spotlight to safeguard other women from enduring the same hardships her mother faced.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Alex has emerged as a powerful advocate in the fight against domestic abuse. Her autobiography How (Not) To Be Strong delves into her childhood, shedding light on her witness to domestic abuse and the profound impact it had on her life. This harrowing journey ultimately led her to become an ambassador for Refuge, a prominent domestic abuse charity.

Alex Scott's home is worth £1.5 million, this is where the sports presenter lives  Karwai Tang

In her autobiography, Alex recounted the distressing scenes she would witness during her formative years. She detailed the chilling instances when her father's violent outbursts were directed at her mother, Carol, while she and her brother, Ronnie, lay in their east London apartment. She revealed that her primary intention behind writing about these painful experiences was to 'free her mum'.

Speaking on Loose Women last month, Alex said:

'I wanted to love my dad so much, I was daddy's little girl, but he had this dark side and that's a side we saw a lot of growing up. Drink helped it come out a lot more, you could see him turn, that's how he took it out on all of us, more so my mum'

In the emotional Radio 4 interview, Alex explained that the domestic violence memory is still 'so raw' that she can visualize it clearly:

'It's all still so raw. I can visualise it like it was yesterday. Even when my dad left that environment, we never communicated or you don't speak about it, it's like you try to move on with your life and leave that to the side but it never leaves you. And that pain and the struggles still continue.'

She added that by speaking the truth, she can now finally contribute to eliminating domestic violence:

'I actually don't care what happened to me. If you are saying being beaten with a belt is just being strict - I can take that, I really don't care about me. What I do care is about my mum and the fear and terror that she had to live in and the fact I was never able to help her in that, but what I can do is help her now by speaking the truth.'

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