David Beckham teases Victoria over 'working-class' claims in Netflix's 'Beckham'

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In the comfort of their home on Netflix’s new docuseries Beckham, David Beckham playfully takes a jab at his wife Victoria's description of her upbringing.

The scene has quickly become a standout moment of the series - which also revealed Beckham's relationship with his father was not always good - as viewers across the globe watch the former football star challenge Victoria’s ‘working-class’ claim with a cheeky yet pointed question about her childhood.

"Be honest," David prompts, leaning casually around the doorframe, triggering a back-and-forth that has caught the attention of social media enthusiasts and documentary viewers alike. Despite Victoria's initial reluctance, the former Spice Girl is nudged into revealing she was ferried to school in a Rolls-Royce from the eighties, no less.

David’s retort, "Thank you," ends the amusing interrogation.

Social media buzzes with reactions

This domestic banter has set social media alight, with fans and critics alike chiming in on the vast difference between the claim of a working-class background and the reality of a childhood graced with such a fancy mode of transport. "David Beckham is the last remaining investigative journalist," quips one user, while another adds, "Should've been a barrister. Modern-day George Carman!"

The clip's viral spread showcases the audience’s delight in the Beckhams' playful rapport. It's not just the humor that's caught the public's attention, but the sincere peek it offers into the couple's relationship, one where even a global icon can't resist a gentle tease at his partner's expense.

David and Victoria Beckham attend Jacquemus' Fashion Show in Versailles, France Pierre Suu

From ‘Posh and Becks’ to just... parents

The documentary doesn't shy away from the tougher aspects of David and Victoria's life, including their 24-year marriage and the infamous allegations surrounding David’s affair with his former personal assistant. Nevertheless, it's their unfiltered exchanges that have endeared the couple even more to their audience.

Victoria's claim, "We're very, very working class," contrasts sharply with her moniker as 'Posh Spice', and the internet hasn’t missed a beat in pointing out the irony. The discourse extends beyond amusement, as some viewers criticize the cognitive dissonance of the wealthy attempting to don a working-class veneer. Others, however, praise the couple for their honesty and humor, providing a refreshing take on celebrity life that often appears scripted and inaccessible.

A peek behind the curtain of an icon

The Beckhams’ docuseries, composed of four episodes, invites fans to a behind-the-scenes look at their life, tracing David’s ascent to stardom and the family’s journey together. It's a cosy yet candid peek behind the curtain, revealing the key to their enduring relationship amidst trials and tribulations.

As David Beckham’s new Netflix documentary series rolls out, it's not just his legendary career that's caught the spotlight, but also his and Victoria’s ability to navigate the complexities of their high-profile life a sense of realness and relatability. It’s clear that whether on the football field or in the throes of family banter, David Beckham knows how to keep it '100', and the viewers wouldn’t have it any other way.

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