Lewis Hamilton got schooled by the Queen for his unacceptable manners

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The legend of Formula One, Lewis Hamilton, recalled an embarrassing encounter with the Queen, where Hamilton received a ticking off from Her Majesty for his inappropriate manner on the dining table.

As one of the biggest icons in the motor sporting world and Britain's greatest F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton boasts a highly desirable career ornamented with records and titles. To this date, the 37-year-old driver is still holding the incredible joint record as the winner of the most World Drivers' Championship titles, with 7 times on the pole, equalling German legend Michael Schumacher. However, Lewis can pride himself on having the most victories, with a record 103 wins from 297 races in total, eclipsing Schumacher's all-time victory tally.

Lewis Hamilton got schooled by the Queen for his unacceptable manner Peter J.Fox

Given his high-profile personality and smashing career, Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to A-list stars, celebrities, and even the Royals. In fact, Lewis is a close friend to Prince Harry and has had several encounters with the Duke of Sussex, including one of the Duke of Sussex's final royal duties in March 2020 when he opened the Silverstone Experience. However, his most remarkable and equally embarrassing royal encounter was in 2009, when he had the honor of dining with the Queen.

Hamilton got ticked off by the Queen for his manner

In 2009, Lewis Hamilton was already an authority on motor racing. On the grounds of his massive contribution to the sporting industry, he was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) at a ceremony with the Queen. Following the honor, Lewis was even invited to a private lunch with the Monarch, along with other eight high-profile guests.

Express writes that in an anecdote he shared with broadcaster Graham Norton back in 2015, Lewis recalled his excitement in the royal event, saying: 'I got invited to a lunch and was sitting next to the Queen. I was excited and started to talk to her.'

Lewis Hamilton got schooled by the Queen for his unacceptable manner ATP Images

According to Vanity Fair, his excitement didn't last long, as the F1 driver received a lesson in dining etiquette from Her Majesty. Regarding the incident, Lewis said:

'But she said, pointing to my left, ‘No, you speak that way first, and I'll speak this way and then I'll come back to you.’

Despite the initial embarrassment, Dailystar reported that Hamilton and the Queen got on well with each other and chatted for the rest of the meal. In fact, he has high opinion of Her Majesty, saying:

She is a sweet woman, and we talked about how she spends her weekends, houses and music. She is really cool.

Given that the Royal Family has long been famous for its meticulous protocols, especially in dining etiquette, it makes sense that Lewis Hamilton, known for his boldness and bravado, made a mistake at the dining table. In her book, My Husband and I, The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage, royal author Ingrid Seward gave a rare insight into the rigorous requirements when dining with the Queen. Ms. Seward writes:

The Queen always chooses who she wants to sit beside, and this most important male guest will be on her right, while Prince Philip has the most interesting female guest on his right. Throughout the first and second courses the Queen talks to the person on her right. While the pudding and cheeses are being eaten, she turns automatically and chats to the guest on her left.

Lewis Hamilton was awarded knighthood in 2019

Lewis Hamilton got schooled by the Queen for his unacceptable manner Peter J.Fox

Twelve years after his MBE reception, Lewis was awarded another honorable title. In 2021, the F1 driver was knighted by Prince Charles during a Windsor Castle ceremony in recognition of his endless contribution to the motor sporting world. The knighthood came amid criticism aimed at Hamilton's defeat to rival driver Max Verstappen in a one-lap shoot-out in Abu Dhabi. The failure denies the 36-year-old driver his chance of becoming the world's greatest F1 driver with 8 titles, surpassing Schumacher's feats.

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