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Princess Beatrice is the elder daughter of the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. She is currently tenth in line of succession to the British Throne. The Princess turned 34 last month on August 8, and when she was born, the Duke and Duchess took two weeks to announce the name, allegedly due to Queen Elizabeth disagreeing with the initial name choice.

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A Royal family tradition

A particular tradition of mentioning the name choice to the Queen is maintained by the Royals in the family to ensure that the Monarch is satisfied with the selection.

Although the exact time of this event is not entirely clear, Express notes that Prince Andrew and Ferguson had an informal chat with the Queen about naming their first child Annabel, which was the primary choice of the Duchess of York.

The Mirror reports that the Queen disagreed with the name selection at the time, stating that the name was too 'yuppie.' After a deliberation of 11 days, the Queen provided a name in homage to Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, and the first child of the Duke and Duchess was ultimately named Beatrice Elizabeth Mary.

The Royal Family has an informal tradition of giving sentimental names to their children, and the name Beatrice satisfied the Monarch in terms of maintaining a symbolic homage to the Royal lineage, and it reportedly satisfied Ferguson as well in terms of the unusual aspect of the name.

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All Royal Family members follow this tradition

Following the birth of Princess Beatrice and husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's daughter, the aspect of adding a sentimental value to a child's name was maintained. According to The Independent, the Royal couple chose the name Siena Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi.

The selection of the name Siena has multiple meanings attributed to it. Hello! Magazine notes that Princess Beatrice wanted to honor the Duchess of York, thus the first letter of the name is S, and the name makes a reference to Princess Beatrice and Ferguson's golden rust hair color as well.

The name also pays tribute to the child's Italian heritage as well, as Siena is a city in Tuscany, Italy. Of course, the middle name remains to be Elizabeth as a nod to the Monarch.

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Princess Beatrice's younger sister, Princess Eugenie followed the same path when naming her daughter August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. The first name, according to Express, has a historic and regal meaning. August is derived from the Latin name Augustus, which translates to 'magnificent' and 'esteemed.'

The middle name is an homage to the Princess' late grandfather, Philip, The Duke of Edinburg, and the Hawk Brooksbank is the family name of her husband, jack Brooksbank.

This Royal Family member would've had a different name if not for the Queen Anwar Hussein

When it comes to naming children, the Royal family has a system that's maintained to ensure that the Royal lineage is carried on in context to the past, but also the incorporation of a sentimental aspect to the names is encouraged. Ultimately, whichever name is chosen, the Queen maintains the final decision on the subject matter.

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