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From acting and production, to owning sports teams, Ryan Reynolds has a plethora of businesses, that have escalated his net worth.

Ryan Reynolds makes headlines for so many reasons. Be it his role as an actor, filmmaker, or producer, he has touched lives with so many iconic cinemas. He seems to have done it all, through the course of his career, from nailing the role of Marvel’s Deadpool to becoming People’s sexiest man alive.

Together, with Blake Lively, his lovely wife, and his children, he makes quite a social media star, with a lot of wit and humor going into every post as a doting husband and father. But, besides being a family man, and an incredible actor, he is also a businessman who is minting money through a variety of channels. From starting his own brands to investing in successful businesses, Ryan Reynolds’s business portfolio is as diverse as it gets, and, needless to say, his net worth is incredibly high. Here’s a look at Reynolds’ newest venture, his net worth, and his other businesses.

Ryan Reynolds’s newest venture

Ryan Reynolds along with his investing partner (and actor) Rob McElhenney have their own investor group. And entering into the world of Formula 1 racing, the two Hollywood stars have signed a huge deal for taking a 24% equity stake in the Formula 1 team - Alpine.

As per BBC, the 200m euros (£171m) deal values Alpine Racing, which is based in Britain, at about £706m. The other investors are Otro Capital and RedBird Capital Partners. This association is seen as a crucial one for Alpine to scale up and take their team to the next level. But, this isn’t the first sports team that Reynolds and McElhenney have invested in, given their history and interest in sports.

Other business ventures

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are also owners of the Wrexham Football Club. They completed their club takeover in 2021, and their takeover process is even covered in a documentary. And just like that, the net worth of the actor saw newer potential for growth.

Besides this, Ryan Reynolds has invested in a plethora of businesses. He started his own production house called Maximum Effort in 2018 alongside his friend George Dewey. And the brand has been associated with movies like Deadpool 2, The Adam Project, and Spirited, as a production partner, all of which went on to do outstandingly in the box office. The Detective Pikachu star also has a major stake in the American gin brand called Aviation American Gin, and he promoted and marketed it aggressively at a time.

Ryan Reynolds also holds an ownership stake (estimated to be 20-25%) in Mint Mobile, which is said to have a high valuation. He also has invested in brands such as Nuvei, Wealthsimple, and FuboTV, all of which seem to be doing well financially. Now, coming to the interesting part, what is the net worth of Ryan Reynolds, given all his investments and ventures?

Ryan Reynolds’s net worth

Alpine’s newest investor is clearly not a rookie in investing. Being a skilled and demonstrated businessman, his net worth is estimated to be roughly $350 million, but the actual figure could be way more, given that most millionaires don’t publicize all their income and investments.

And his net worth is only likely to increase given that his income is skyrocketing by the day. As per Goal, Reynolds charged $2 million for Deadpool 1, but for Part 2, this sum increased more than tenfold, with Ryan drawing a salary of $22 million for the part. While Deadpool 3 is still in the works, surely Reynolds has taken yet another huge hike in the money he makes. And the star could touch a billion in terms of his net worth, real soon, if his business investments take off.

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