Great British Bake Off 2022 names second baker eliminated during Biscuit Week

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As Bake Off 2022 completes its Biscuit Week challenge, here's everyone who has been eliminated so far.

The Great British Bake Off had a critical moment as the participants had to deal with the Biscuit Week for the second Bake Off theme. The signature Challenge included illusion macaroons, while the Technical Challenge required the Great British Bake Off 2022 lineup to bake garibaldi cookies.

At the end of the day, it came time for the Showstopper, a 3D mask crafted of biscuits. However, although one contender truly excelled and was named this week's Star Baker, another baker faltered under pressure, thereby ending their Bake Off quest.

Who was eliminated from Bake Off in Week 2?

According to the Radio Times, student and sales assistant Maisam - the youngest baker this year, became the second baker to be eliminated from the competition on Tuesday, September 20.

The 18-year-old, hailing from Greater Manchester, failed to impress the judges with her carrot-shaped macarons and Venetian mask and had to leave the show.

Since she was nine years old, Maisam, who originally came from Libya, has resided in the UK. Maisam is a creative individual who enjoys photographing still moments and her surroundings. Since she was about 13 years old, she has been passionate about baking, and she appreciates the science of getting a bake exactly right, which requires many attempts of an ingredient until it is perfect. Her Mediterranean origin has an impact on the tastes she prefers. They are the bitterness of sesame seeds, the sweetness of dates, and the acidity of olives.

‘I think I am feeling proud as I am only 18 so this is not the end of my baking journey - this is where it starts,’ she shared after her leave.

‘I have learned so much from being in the tent! This experience has been a complete learning journey that taught me so much from new baking skills and tips to challenging myself to bake in an unfamiliar baking environment.’

The young aspiring baker added that joining Bake Off has been a 'life-changing' experience:

‘I can say that this experience has been life-changing because it has taught me to dream bigger and never underestimate baking because it can take you places.’

Who left the Great British Bake Off in Week 1?

According to Digital Spy, former charity director, Will, became the first person to leave the tent on Tuesday, September 13. Both judges commented on the 45-year-old's 'First London Family Home’ showstopper cake, saying it was 'overbaked'.

Great British Bake Off 2022 names second baker eliminated during Biscuit Week

About his profile, Will lives in London with his wife, three kids, and a cat they call Tiggy. Will's aptitude for carpentry and DIY projects matches his knowledge of design, and he also enjoys creating deliciously inventive dishes in the kitchen. When he was two years old, his mother handed him some pastry scraps to turn into tiny jam pastries, and that's when his passion for baking began. He finds the mechanical parts of baking fascinating and enjoys using yeast for purposes more than just creating bread. Moreover, his favorite tastes are paprika and salted caramel.

He said in the interview:

‘Yeah, I am alright. There are a lovely bunch of people that I have met, and I have got an experience that I can talk about and share. I am proud of that.’

Prue comforted him: ‘Honestly, Will, you should just feel proud of yourself. Well done, Will!’.

Will shared about his time in the show:

‘I learned from my experience in the tent that baking can be hard work but rewarding! Well, I wasn’t there long but I would say that my best moment was Noel’s reaction to my home cake! My worst moment had to be... Italian meringue buttercream.’

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