Kate Middleton dons a statement piece she's worn before

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Kate Middleton is known to style clothes in a way that sends a message, and she has done it again.

Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales is one of the most popular Royals in the world. In a way, she carries on the spirit of Princess Diana, and she has stated how inspiring her late mother-in-law was.

Middleton, who also holds the title of Duchess of Edinburgh, has a new path in front of her as the Princess of Wales, and she's already begun embodying her new position.

Kate Middleton dons a statement piece she's worn before Max Mumby/Indigo

New responsibilities

During the first speech of King Charles III, Kate Middleton was officially given the title of Princess of Wales alongside her husband, Prince William, who was given the title of Prince of Wales. This is the first time the title that Middleton inherited has been used by a Royal, with the previous person being Princess Diana, reports Hello Magazine.

The new title means that new responsibilities are attributed to Middleton as well, and both the Prince and Princess of Wales are expected to enhance upon the attendance of Royal engagements and charitable works.

Kate Middleton dons a statement piece she's worn before Max Mumby/Indigo

A visual message

Immediately after Princess Middleton and Prince William were bestowed their new titles, they started adhering to their new schedule and have consistently been making Royal attendances. Their recent visit to Ireland certainly caught a lot of eyes, reports Harper's Bazaar.

During the visit, the Royal couple wore a color-coordinated outfit that was primarily focused on the color blue. Middleton wore a pussycat bow blouse with navy blue trousers with a pale blue coat over her. William wore a deep blue sweater with a suit in a darker shade of blue. Underneath the sweater, the Prince wore a light blue shirt that matched Middleton's outfit.

The couple's visit to Ireland pertained to attending charities and community initiatives focusing on providing the necessary mental health support to the youth. The color blue is often associated with calmness and serenity, and this color coordination may have been implemented to reflect the purpose of their visit.

Kate Middleton dons a statement piece she's worn before Chris Jackson

Cheering in style

The Princess of Wales recently sent out a message of support to the Women's Rugby Team of England, as they're currently headed to attend the World Cup in New Zealand. Middleton is the Patron of the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League, which was a position held by Prince Harry, reports Yahoo Life.

Kate Middleton dons a statement piece she's worn before

In the video, Princess Middleton said:

I wanted to take a moment to wish the Red Roses all the very best of luck for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. I had so much fun with you all at Twickenham earlier this year and I cannot wait to see how you get on during the tournament.

Aside from the supportive message, many noticed that Middleton had worn the same red Zara blazer on many occasions before, including this year when she visited Copenhagen, and it was perceived that the red blazer was a tribute to the Danish flag.

Kate Middleton dons a statement piece she's worn before Samir Hussein

The Princess has worn the same blazer while supporting other English sporting events as well, as she has been seen watching a football game alongside Prince William while wearing the same blazer. It is certain that Middleton aims to maintain a theme with her public attendance and messages.

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