Kate Middleton is in the spotlight for a controversial remark she made in latest event

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There's a new controversy regarding Kate Middleton's recent statement, and it is certainly not what you think.

The British royal family always makes headlines for their politics, tensions, relationships, and other sociodynamic factors. From alleged strained relationships to their choice of attire, the media is in a frenzy to record every tiny movement from the royals.

And most recently, the hot topic in question was a ‘controversial’ thing that the Princess of Wales said. And the internet and all of Britain are torn over this one statement made by Kate Middleton, whose ongoing rift with Prince Harry continues to make headlines. Here’s what Kate recently said, that has the internet going nuts.

Kate Middleton’s controversial statement

While one might think this talked-about statement is regarding the law or other people, it is far from it. But, this time around, it is about one of Britain’s most loved snack and teatime favorite - scones. Yes, you read that right, Kate Middleton has gone ahead, and given her take on the ‘right’ way to make and eat a scone. And the internet is taken to it like hotcakes, with people agreeing with her, and others vehemently opposing. This is what the Princess of Wales said about the popular pastry snack.

Kate Middleton’s ideal way to eat a scone

As most of Britain knows, the debate on how to eat a scone jam first or cream first has been a topic that has divided the country. And Kate has revealed her preferred method. As per GB News, she prefers adding the jam first, much like how the Late Queen (Elizabeth II) liked to do it. This method is also known as the Cornish method. And the Cornish Vs. Devon method has certainly divided families across the country. And with the Princess leaning toward the former, a lot of people were disgruntled. Kate Middleton revealed this side of her eating habit, at a tea party that happened recently, and here’s how it went.

The recent tea party

Kate Middleton, along with her husband Prince William, attended a big tea party to honour the 75th anniversary of the NHS. And at this tea party, the Princess of Wales allegedly revealed the following:

“I always do jam and then cream.”

The co-host of the party, the former Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc also shared as to which side of the debate she aligned with, as asked by Prince William, to which she said:

“I go jam then cream because I think the jam is heavier and then the cream sits”

But Prince William seems to have chosen the more diplomatic and convenient option, and he said that goes with whatever was closer to him to start off. This was a rather clever way to deal with the topic.

Britain's obsession with scones

While scones might just be another pastry snack for the rest of the world, all of Britain takes it very seriously. So serious that big debates have sparked around it. In 2020, even the palace got involved in this scone debate by accident after sharing a recipe that saw the royal chefs opt for the Devonshire method for a garden party.

The British obsession with scones was so extreme that the late Queen even shared the recipe of her iconic scones with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, back in 1960, wherein she hand-wrote a letter to him with the recipe, as he enjoyed them during his visit to her legendary Balmoral estate.

Someone even took the extra effort of sharing this recipe of the late Queen’s drop scones on Twitter, and needless to say, it went viral. Being a family recipe, people got a sneak peek into how the royals eat and they honoured her death last year by trying out her iconic recipe.

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