Here's why all the royals were wearing the same scarf on Christmas day

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The royal family made a big statement on Christmas Day with their matching scarves. Here's what it signifies.

With the festive season happening in full swing, all eyes are on the royal family, who seem to be following their typical Christmas traditions. On one side, Prince Harry and Meghan seem to be carving their own L.A. Christmas traditions, given that this year saw Meghan’s return to the spotlight in a Christmas advertisement.

But, things are going as per usual with the rest of the royals. Here’s how they celebrated Christmas.

The royal Christmas

The royals have a long-standing tradition of celebrating Christmas in Sandringham Palace. This year, Queen Camilla’s son Tom joined in on the royal Christmas celebration with his family. Despite Prince Harry and Meghan missing yet another Christmas celebration, the royals did continue on with their age-old traditions.

One of the key Christmas activities for the royal family includes their annual walk on Christmas Day morning to the church in Sandringham. While this seemed like their typical walk to the church, fans couldn’t help but notice one thing that several royal family members had in common. And it was something to do with their attire. Here’s what it is.

The mystery accessory

A crowd gathered around Sandringham as the royals made their way to the church on foot like they always do. And several royal family members were seen donning matching accessories. This isn’t a coat or shoes, but many of the royal family members were wearing identical scarves. From Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence to Lady Louise Windsor, several high-profile royal family members were spotted with the same scarf.

And unknown to most of the fans present, the scarf actually has a very heartfelt and significant meaning attached to it. Known as the ‘Prince of Wales Highgrove Heritage Scarf’, this scarf is more than just an accessory. It sends out a bigger message, and here’s what it is.

The Highgrove Heritage scarf

For everyone who thought this was yet another fashion statement by the royals, that isn’t the case this time. The beige and grey scarf isn’t just extremely fashionable but also brings with it a very heartfelt meaning.

As per The Sun, this scarf was created in a collaboration between King Charles’ Highgrove residence, The Prince’s Foundation, and woolen mill Johnstons of Elgin. While it might seem like any other scarf, this accessory is made with sustainably sourced ultrafine RWS. RWS here stands for responsible wool standard. And to make it all the more exotic, this scarf is made from merino wool from Australia. Featuring the legendary ‘Prince of Wales’ check pattern woven into it over an enlarged Shepherd check, the scarf is what comes together when fashion meets a meaningful cause.

Who was wearing the scarf?

It is assumed that all the royal family members got a scarf, perhaps as a Christmas gift. But five of the royal family members rocked it for their Christmas morning walk. Besides the Princess Royal and her husband, the scarf was seen on Prince Edward’s daughter Lady Louise Windsor, Princess Margaret’s son, the Earl of Snowden, and Princess Margaret’s grandson, Samuel Chatto.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, and the King and Queen, weren’t wearing the scarf, which could mean that it was a gift from one of them.

While it is not revealed officially as to exactly where the royals got this scarf, people are assuming that it was King Charles’s gift to his extended family. It is said that this scarf will be available to the public for purchase for an April 2024 delivery on the Highgrove website for £115, as per CNN.

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