Prince Harry and Meghan may not join Royal Family from Christmas for yet another year, experts claim

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Reports have suggested that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are house-hunting in the UK, but a royal expert has ruled out the possibility of their return for Christmas.

As Christmas approaches, discussions around the holiday plans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gaining attention. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have notably not celebrated a traditional royal family Christmas at Sandringham since stepping back as working members of the royal family in 2020. This has raised questions about their potential return to the UK for this festive season.

A disappointment for The King

Having relocated to California over three years ago, Prince Harry's visits to the UK have been infrequent. The Duke is also entangled in a legal dispute with the Home Office regarding his security during visits to his home country. As the festive season is coming close, many royal watchers are wondering whether Harry will return to his home soil, but this time bringing Archie and Lilibet to stay with their grandfather, King Charles.

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However, royal expert and historian Dr. Tessa Dunlop believes that such a return is unlikely. She pointed out that Prince Harry has been noticeably absent from certain royal events, such as not attending Balmoral this summer. Additionally, the recent eviction of the couple from their former royal residence, Frogmore Cottage, has left them without an official place to stay in the UK. Tessa told The Mirror:

'Christmas is coming and we want Meghan and Harry to inject the Windsor brand with a bit of Transatlantic tension. But don’t hold your breath, just as Harry was a no-show at Balmoral this summer it is unlikely that he’ll grace Sandringham with his presence. Far from buying a penthouse near London, it doesn’t even look like King Charles will get a Christmas cuddle with those absent grandchildren.'

The expert added:

'The Sussexes are going to house-hunt in and around London, at least so goes the rumour. Despite his father owning more homes than you or I have hot dinners (try counting them) by all accounts Harry's mooted return to the UK will not see him lean on his father's estate.'

Marie Claire suggest that Harry might be interested in purchasing a private property in the UK, rather than relying on the Crown for a place to stay. This move, as Dr. Dunlop believes, is driven by Harry's homesickness. She stated:

'Just as Camilla was the evil adulterer until we discovered a gentle, and even pretty, Queen, Harry is being curated as the little lost boy, a square peg in an American hole who wants to come home.We Brits want to believe Harry can’t manage without us, that he misses the brother he has told us he was never close to, the father he is no longer speaking to and the country he slammed in his H&M drone-athon Netflix series.'

Chance of reconciliation still possible

While there's speculation about the couple's potential house hunt in and around London, Dr. Dunlop remains skeptical. She highlights that Prince Harry's recent UK visits have primarily revolved around legal battles, brief appearances, and charity events, not indicative of someone on the verge of house hunting.

Dr. Dunlop suggests that the safety-conscious Sussexes might not invest in a private property when they could stay on the Windsor estate or in one of London's working palaces with readily available security.

'Rather it is we the British public who are missing Harry. Let's face it, this new more discreet Duke and Duchess who keep themselves to themselves in America, popping up occasionally to do good works is a bit boring.'
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Despite the King's potential disappointment at the Sussexes' absence during the holiday season, royal author Dr. Ed Owens believes that King Charles is open to reconciliation. He suggests that the onus is on Prince Harry and Meghan to take the first steps towards healing the rift between them and the rest of the royal family.

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