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Not only Prince George but his siblings are also big fans of the famous film studio. Read on to discover their favorite Disney movies!

As a royal child, Prince George's private life has always been a topic of interest for the public. The attention to Prince William's eldest child keeps building up after he became the second in line to the British throne, only after his father. And although the Prince and Princess of Wales have always preferred to keep their children's personal lives under wraps, there are times when the couple let slip some cute stories about them.

Prince George's favorite Disney movie is a classic

According to the Mirror, Kate Middleton once revealed Prince George is a big fan of Disney film studio, having watched countless movies produced by the creator of Mickey Mouse.

Prince George is a big fan of this classic Disney movie Karwai Tang

During a post-BAFTAS ceremony dinner, the Princess of Wales revealed that the nine-year-old royal enjoys watching British classic Paddington and Disney's blockbuster Coco. Kate then added that her husband and eldest son share the same interest in film:

'It's great obviously because of William's interest in film, it's great to have that father-son thing.'

Other films that Prince George enjoys watching include the Octonaut series, some Lego titles, and most recently, How to Train your Dragon. However, Prince William revealed that the nine-year-old's go-to movie is The Lion King, one of the most popular and commercially successful movies of Disney. He said: 'He quite likes The Lion King. We've watched that a few times.'

Another royal to enjoy watching Disney's The Lion King is Prince Harry, who's just released his bombshell memoir Spare. The Duke of Sussex once revealed that he's a big fan of the 1994 Disney film, which came out in theaters when he was nearly 10 years old.

Prince George is a big fan of this classic Disney movie Samir Hussein

Both William and Kate previously said that Prince George is so into watching TV that it's extremely difficult to pull him away from the 'telly' screen.

'Trying to keep him off the television is hard work,' Prince William said.

Other royals are also fans of Disney

It turns out that Prince George is not the only royal to be mesmerized by the magic world created by Disney.

According to OK! magazine, his sister, Princess Charlotte, is also fond of Disney movies. She was previously seen dancing to the song We Don't Talk About Bruno, the soundtrack of Disney's Encanto. The song is the first Disney song to top the Billboard No. 100 charts in 29 years, surpassing Frozen's Let It Go.

Prince George is a big fan of this classic Disney movie Michael Tullberg

Meanwhile, Prince William's go-to movie is the 2003 American Christmas comedy film Elf, which starred Hollywood actor Will Ferrell. He revealed:

'I would have to say, probably Elf. It's very funny and I keep watching it every Christmas and it still makes me laugh.'

Unlike William, Harry George, and Charlotte, Queen Elizabeth II's movie of choice was a rather offbeat one.

Prince George is a big fan of this classic Disney movie Karwai Tang

According to the Mirror, the late Queen was a big fan of Flash Gordon, a 1980s sci-fi adventure film that stars Sam Jones and Brian Blessed.

The surprising revelation came directly from 85-year-old Brian Blessed, who said:

'The Queen, it’s her favorite film, she watches it with her grandchildren every Christmas.'

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