This is why Prince William doesn't wear his wedding ring

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While it may come as a surprise, Prince William does not and has never worn a wedding ring since he walked down the aisle with Kate Middleton in 2011. Among the hypothesis, the truth turns out to be fairly simple.

With his public appearances increasing in leaps and bounds following the acrimonious royal exit of Prince Harry in 2020 and the Queen's deteriorating health in recent years, it's no wonder that Prince William has become a fascinating topic for the media and the public alike. On many occasions, keen-sighted royal fans noticed that the future King did not wear any wedding ring, which seems paradoxical given the inseparable bond between the Prince and his wife, Kate Middleton. Contrary to many beliefs, however, the real reason Prince William opts out of a wedding ring is very simple.

The Prince has never been fond of jewelry

According to Hello!, Prince William has never been into jewelry and therefore chooses to remain ring-free since tying the knot with Kate Middleton in 2011. A source told Marie Claire about the Prince's decision:

‘He’s never worn any. He decided he didn’t want to wear one now. It’s all down to personal preference.’

In fact, Prince William had announced his decision more than ten years ago, shortly before he exchanged vows with Kate Middleton at his lavish Westminster Abbey wedding ceremony in 2011. The news was later confirmed by a statement from Buckingham Palace that read:

'Prince William and Catherine Middleton chose Wartski to make the wedding ring for Miss Middleton. The ring has been fashioned from a piece of Welsh gold that was given to Prince William by the Queen shortly after the engagement was announced. The ring will be carried to Westminster Abbey by Prince William’s best man Prince Harry on the wedding day.'

While fully supporting her husband's decision, Kate Middleton regularly sports her wedding ring and another sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to Willam's mother, the late Princess Diana. The famous sapphire ring was revealed to belong to Prince Harry after the death of Princess Diana, but the Duke of Sussex 'selflessly' left the ring to his brother so that he could give it to his fiancee.

This is why Prince William doesn't wear his wedding ring Max Mumby

Prince William's ring-free appearances, however, seem to be of no importance as most people know about his marriage, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still remain a perfect-picture model for many couples out there.

Prince William is not the only royal to opt-out of a wedding ring

Marlene Koenig, a British and European royalty expert, told Town & Country:

'There is no royal tradition for men wearing or not wearing a wedding ring.'
This is why Prince William doesn't wear his wedding ring Max Mumby

In fact, it’s a common decision for royal men not to wear a wedding ring, with Prince William’s grandfather, Prince Philip, also never wearing one. All royal husbands are totally independent regarding the decision to wear a wedding ring or not.

By contrast, Prince William's father and heir apparent to the throne, Prince Charles, wears a classic gold ring. Prince Harry also sports a sleek platinum ring with a 'textured finish' designed by Cleave and Company.

'Ms. Markle's ring has been fashioned from a piece of Welsh Gold, gifted by Her Majesty The Queen. Prince Harry's ring will be a Platinum Band with a textured finish. Both rings were crafted in the Cleave workshop.'

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