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Read to find out how close the Queen was to the Prince.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September is something that not only rocked the Royal family, but greatly affected the public as well. It suffices to say that the second-longest reigning monarch and the longest-reigning female monarch certainly left a lasting impact.

Throughout her time as the Monarch, the late Queen has maintained a cordial and joyous relationship with all the Royal family members, but how close was she to her grandson, Prince William?

Queen Elizabeth's heartfelt note to young Prince William Max Mumby/Indigo

The Queen and Prince's bond

Over the years, numerous moments between Elizabeth and William have been photographed where they're seen to be joyously interacting with each other. Moreover, William has consistently stated how the Queen was an inspiration to him, particularly in terms of taking up the mantle as the monarch in the future, reports Express.

Prince William said:

The Queen's duty and her service, her tolerance, her commitment to others - I think that's all been incredibly important to me and it's been a real guiding example of just what a good monarch could be.

Express further reports that the Queen was also quite supportive of the Prince and Princess of Wales, specifically due to the exceptionally professional approach to the roles that they were given and the dedication they showcase in terms of carrying out their Royal duties.

Speaking to OK!, Royal biographer Andrew Morton said:

I think she sees them very much as the future. She’s no fool – she knows Prince Charles is going to be an interregnum, like Edward VII, so the family that will carry the burden for the monarchy going forwards is the House of Cambridge.
Queen Elizabeth's heartfelt note to young Prince William Mark Cuthbert

Additionally, a particular cause that William as well as King Charles III has been furthering for a very long time strongly resonated with the Queen, and it is the movement towards raising awareness and providing financial support to endeavors that focus on saving the planet, particularly through measures such as the Earthshot Prize established in 2021.

Speaking on the subject, the Queen said:

It is a source of great pride to me that the leading role my husband played in encouraging people to protect our fragile planet, lives on through the work of our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William.

Being the eldest son and the next successor to the throne after Charles, the Queen clearly had an eye for how Prince William conducted himself as a Royal family member, and it is evident that she appreciated his efforts for the same as well.

Queen Elizabeth's heartfelt note to young Prince William Max Mumby/Indigo

A heartfelt note

Royal fans were pleasantly surprised when a note written to Prince William by the Queen recently resurfaced, reports The Independent. The note itself was written on official Buckingham Palace stationary, and the date is estimated to be during Christmas time prior to Princess Diana's death in 1997.

Many fans reacted to the note, highlighting the warmth of the message from a grandmother to a grandson. Furthermore, many were wondering how such a piece of the document wasn't being held by William, and there were calls on Twitter to return given the passing of the Queen, as it may be a valuable piece of memory for the Prince.

Although a short message, the depth of the words paints a vivid picture of how much the Queen cared for her eldest grandson, Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth's heartfelt note to young Prince William Chris Jackson

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