Princess Beatrice and Eugenie may have more active role in the Royal Family, expert claims

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Princess Beatrice and Eugenie are ready to embrace news roles as royal family members, as stated by an expert. Here's what it means.

Looks like the royal family has been making big changes since King Charles took over the monarchy. While some changes involve excluding certain royal family members, the new system devised by the King involves including other members of the family, especially the younger members.

The new changes made to the system are a slimmed-down version of the monarchy. And ready to play a vital part in it are the nieces of King Charles, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Beatrice. The first cousins of Prince William and Harry are set to take on new roles as they embrace newer responsibilities as integral royal family members. Here’s what we know about these new roles.

The changing dynamics

The daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are all set to start yet another new role, as per royal experts. Ever since King Charles was anointed as King, he has slimmed down the concept of the monarchy, thus, giving room to some new changes in the system. And now as the senior royals get older, the younger generation are gearing up to step up and take accountability. Here’s what the new roles include for the Princesses.

The new roles

In conversation with Slingo, the monarch’s former butler Grant Harrold said the following about the change of dynamics and responsibility within the royal family.

"Obviously William and Kate will continue to step up, but I can also see the royal cousins stepping in.”

He also said that he does not see the other cousins, such as Zara Tindall, taking on new roles, as it isn’t ‘her thing’. But he sees promise from Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and he justified that by saying the following:

"(They) have already shown that they are there to support and are called in to support the King when needed."

The other royals

The former butler went on to express his theory about the other cousins, and if they’ll be playing a role in the royal affairs going forward. As per The Express, he said Prince Edward and Sophie (the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh) are still a tad bit young and have shown that they can step up and embrace new roles. He also added that he hopes to see the Princess Royal continuing to carry out her duties for several years to come, as she has been doing.

He also said the following about the future of the young royals.

"I think there is a plan in place as the royals get older the younger generations will take on more".

The impact of the changes

It is rumored that there are more big changes coming up when it comes to the monarchy and the current way of doing things. It is said that some more big alterations are in the pipeline, given that the ‘core’ of monarchy as we know it has shaken things up. And hopefully, including the young royals will work well for the future of the U.K. and the monarchy.

Some of the big changes that the new king brought about include the reshuffling of royal residences and his first overseas state visit. He also organized a gathering of various faith leaders and even held a sleepover at Windsor Castle.

But despite all these changes, the public perception of the monarchy has seen a steady decline since King Charles was crowned king. This decline is especially surprising since King Charles is outwardly friendlier and more approachable to the public than the late Queen. With anti-monarchy thoughts on a high-rise, and protests for the same, the perception of the King isn’t improving in any way.
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