Prince William set to make the Prince of Wales title his own

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Major changes to the Royal methods are proposed by Prince William as the Prince of Wales.

Prince William, The Duke of Edinburg officially received the title of Prince of Wales from King Charles III during his first speech as a monarch. This sets forth a new set of responsibilities in addition to the title of Duke of Edinburg, and this change applies to Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge as well, who received the title of Princess of Wales.

Embracing the title previously held by King Charles III for 64 years, Prince William has laid out the roadmap for how he would be embodying his Royal path from this point onward.

Prince William set to make the Prince of Wales title his own Max Mumby/Indigo

The next heir to the throne

Now that Prince William is the 22nd heir to the throne, there is a lot of focus on him to live up to the titles already bestowed to him but to also set a precedent for the time when he becomes the King of England in the future.

With that in mind, Prince William is approaching his new responsibilities from a completely different angle, and one of the first changes that he'll bring is by abandoning certain Royal traditions, including the Royal Investiture ceremony.

An insider reported to Mirror:

[There are] no plans for any kind of an investiture like the Prince’s father had. Right now the Prince and Princess of Wales are focussed on deepening the trust and respect of the people of Wales over time.

The investiture of Charles was carried out in 1969 and it was conducted by the late Queen Elizabeth II. It was a very big event attended by thousands, but Prince William's approach avoids the entire Royal event.

Prince William set to make the Prince of Wales title his own Max Mumby/Indigo

A minimized office

The Sun reports that within the office, Prince William aims to have 70 fewer aids throughout his time as the Prince of Wales. Additionally, both Prince William and Middleton are planning to have a focused group of five to six individuals working on important causes.

According to the book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown by Valentine Low, Prince William has additionally instructed his staff to do away with the uniforms to create a more 'casual' environment within the office. The prince also wants the office space to be less 'stuffy' as kids often run around the area.

Prince William set to make the Prince of Wales title his own  Max Mumby/Indigo

Kate Middleton's path

The title of Princess of Wales was bestowed on Kate Middleton 25 years after Princess Diana's tragic passing in 1997. It goes without saying that there is a certain amount of weight associated with the title due to Princess Diana's popularity, but it wasn't always like that.

BBC reports that this title was often given to figures who were largely forgotten, for example, Joan of Kent, Elanor de Montfort, and Gwenllian of Wales, individuals who held the title at certain points in time. Princess Diana on the other hand, a Royal who became one the world's most photographed women added an air of sophistication and depth to the title.

With that in mind, the expectations and responsibilities associated with the title are vast and the new Princess of Wales certainly has a complex path ahead of her. That being said, Middleton shares the same values as William on restructuring the system and is likely to chart her own path as the Princess of Wales.

Prince William set to make the Prince of Wales title his own Samir Hussein

A new approach

Earlier this year in March, Prince William and Princess Middleton faced the ire of the public throughout their Caribbean tour. The primary controversy erupted when the Royal couple were seen to be standing in an Army Land Rover that was driven by a black chauffeur, reports The Sun.

Further friction occurred when certain campaigners were demanding an apology for colonialism. Although Prince William reportedly doesn't spend too much time on social media, the Royal couple were very much aware of what was happening.

This particular incident motivated Prince William to 'rip up the rule-book' and make changes to the protocols that have been maintained for decades in order to put forth the idea that they are taking a modernized approach to the Royal processes.

Overall, Prince William is set to follow in the footsteps of his father, King Charles III, in making decisions and changes that essentially break away from tradition and move toward a more practical approach to being a Royal member.

Prince William set to make the Prince of Wales title his own Samir Hussein

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