The adorable reason Queen Camilla calls King Charles 'Fred'

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The King has an adorable nickname and it was seemingly confirmed by his wife during the Trooping the Color celebrations.

Royal nicknames have long been a fascinating aspect of the British monarchy, often providing a glimpse into the personal relationships within the royal family. These endearing monikers add a touch of intimacy to their public personas, and the latest revelation is no exception. During the Trooping the Colour spectacle at Buckingham Palace, Queen Camilla was captured on camera using an unusual nickname for King Charles, solidifying their affectionate bond.

The adorable reason Queen Camilla calls King Charles 'Fred' Chris Jackson

Special nickname of the King

In a delightful moment during the recent Trooping the Color spectacle at Buckingham Palace, Queen Camilla has been caught on camera using an unusual nickname for King Charles. The ceremony, an annual military parade that honors the reigning monarch's official birthday, presented an opportunity for Queen Camilla to express her support and admiration for King Charles.

As he rode from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade, the King joined Prince William, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, who were also on horses, as well as Kate and Camilla, who watched proceedings from a dais.

As the King and Queen stood on the palace balcony, a keen-eyed lip reader deciphered the endearing term, adding a touch of intimacy to their public appearance. As per The Mirror, Queen Camilla affectionately referred to Charles as 'Fred,' sparking curiosity about the story behind this unique moniker.

Camilla could be seen approaching the King: 'Fred, what do you think about the horse [she smiles]'

As per The Mirror, Charles replied: 'I don’t know [smiling back, scratching forehead with thumb].'

The Crown's depiction of The King

According to Popsugar, the use of the nicknames 'Fred' and 'Gladys' by Charles and Camilla has been known for some time. Apparently, the King and Queen have used these monikers for years and even began using them in their 20s when they first started dating.

These endearing terms, which reportedly originated before their relationship was officially acknowledged, have found their way into popular culture and even featured prominently in the acclaimed Netflix series, The Crown.

The adorable reason Queen Camilla calls King Charles 'Fred' Max Mumby

The portrayal of Charles and Camilla's nicknames in The Crown has further brought attention to their unique pet names. The series, known for its dramatization of the British royal family's private lives, delves into the complexities of their relationship and the significance of 'Fred' and 'Gladys.' Diana, the late Princess of Wales, is depicted discovering a gold bracelet engraved with 'G' and 'F,' representing their secret names for each other. This narrative choice adds depth and intrigue to their story, capturing the nuances of their infamous love triangle.

The true meaning behind 'Fred'

While the usage of 'Fred' and 'Gladys' as endearing nicknames for Charles and Camilla has become a popular piece of trivia, some insiders have cast doubts on the claims. According to WomanAndHome, Charles's biographer, Howard Hodgson, questioned the validity of these pet names, suggesting that they might be a product of Diana's imagination. In his 2007 book Charles: The Man Who Will Be King, Hodgson wrote:

'Diana claimed that with [the bouquet] there was a message that used what she imagined were the couple's former pet names for each other – 'To Gladys from Fred'... [but] no one can be found to verify these pet names'

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