Annabel Croft suffered this tragedy months before Strictly Come Dancing announcement

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From suffering a tragic loss, to overcoming it through the art of dancing, Annabel Croft is ready to shine away on the dancefloor.

Annabel Crofts world came to a standstill when her husband of 30 years Mel Coleman, suddenly passed away. Mel, who was suffering from cancer, breathed his last in May 2023. Being an investment banker and yachtsman, Mel left behind his wife, Annabel, and their three children. Mel’s tragic death has been nothing short of horrific for Croft and their family.

The past few months have been a grieving process for the tennis star, but it looks like she is finally ready to move forward with her life. The former number 1 tennis player has signed up for this popular British reality show and her fans are thrilled by the prospect of it. Here’s what Annabel Croft is up to now.

Annabel’s move to seek joy

In an attempt to move on with her life and seek joy from a different source, Annabel is all set to dance her way to regain her rhythm of life. The Wimbledon star has signed up for Strictly Come Dancing, in order to ‘enjoy the fullness of dancing’. She described the timing of joining Strictly Come Dancing by saying it had come at the right time. She recently opened up about why she desperately needs to take this step right now, given all that she has been through recently.

Annabel will be sharing the spotlight with other esteemed personalities like Nigel Harman, Amanda Abbington, Angela Rippon CBE, and Les Dennis, among other big names in the entertainment industry.

Annabel Croft’s reason to dance

Annabel’s entry into the world of pro dancing is somewhat of a tribute to her late husband. The legendary tennis player recently appeared on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show to announce her new move into the world of reality tv. She said the following about the equation that she and her husband shared with the iconic show - Strictly Come Dancing.

“My husband used to love watching Johannes [Radebe]. I just think he’s so amazing, that would be a dream to dance with him. I just admire so much what they do and I think dance is really what all of us should be doing every day, it releases so much tension, it gets your body moving, it’s so good for your brain and when you talk about the mental side of everything ... It has just come at the right time for me and I hope I get rid of any stresses and just go out there and enjoy it.”

The love for Strictly Come Dancing

The dance reality show has blown up over the years, with fans and followers from around the world. And Annabel Croft is one of them. Annabel, who hasn’t danced in years, besides the occasional TikTok's with her children, seems stoked to let loose and bring out those moves. While the show is a competition through and through, Annabel seems to be going ahead with it, only keeping her joy in mind. As per the Telegraph, she said the following about how she feels about dancing on a competitive scale.

“I have always loved this magical, magical show and my family have loved it but I’m also absolutely terrified at the same time,” she said. I know it’s a competition but I don’t really want to compete, other than with myself. I just want to enjoy the joyfulness of dancing. I’ve always loved watching dance, I could watch it all day. When I watch those professionals, I can’t take my eyes off [them] they’re so amazing. I’m a bit stiff, I’m going to be honest. I think my hips could do with a bit of WD40 but I’m hoping whoever I’m paired up with helps me improve."

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